Street Style....Under the Weather

Documenting street style can be rather difficult when the weather is so awful that people refuse to set foot on said street.  I was thrilled to see these folk out on Saluda Avenue....only to draw closer and discover that they were literal empty suits.  By George,  I'll take it!
This red hat and plaid jacket made me feel warmer right away.... did these furry cuffs and brilliant scarf.
Here, I was put in mind (for some reason) of the Headless Horseman.  Perhaps I've been watching a bit too much of that television series (which, by the way, stars a gentleman of my acquaintance with a connection to Columbia).  The horseman can only wish to sport such a stylish hat upon his head(less)....or he could perhaps drop by 2G's Clothing in Five Points, which is where I found all of these weatherproof ensembles.


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