Erin & Belinda....All-Local Market

Erin, on the left, manages the local farmers' market and was perfectly attired, I thought, for the role with her tomato-red sweater, cuffed jeans, and TOMS canvas shoes. The chic woman on the right is chef Belinda Smith-Sullivan, who I learned is also known as "The Flying Foodie". Is that anything like The Flying Nun, I asked her, imagining that she might affix a baguette to her head, catch a breeze, and take flight. No, she told me, she is an airplane pilot as well as a formally-trained chef. Delightful! You can read about her adventures here.

Then my heart skipped a beat when Erin asked, "Have you seen this?" and quickly lifted up her sweater. I am an old man, dear reader, who has no business witnessing Girls Gone Wild without his beta-blockers handy.
Indeed, she was only excited to show me the new farmers' market t-shirts. They are silk screened by hand onto organic cotton. The shirts will be available next week when the market moves into its newly-renovated building next to 701 Whaley. The Flying Foodie will be there too, I understand, because they're planning a bit of a celebration.


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