Mikelle....The Vista

As you may know, I have been studying people about Columbia for some months, looking for patterns, attempting to determine if there is a definitive local style, looking for the existence of unwritten "rules". This young man suggested there might be such. He told me he begins with a vision for his outfit, then rethinks it to create a Columbia version--one that is a little less risky, a tad more restrained. His goal is to be classic but not predictable.

For example, he began the outfit you see with a vision of wearing an aqua scarf that was twice as wide and silver chain necklaces. His toned-down version includes a narrower scarf, with bracelets and a ring, to add a little edge.

"Most people would not have worn the ring and scarf," he says.  Do you agree? And is his approach shared by others? Mikelle may be more deliberate than most. He is a stylist and fashion blogger and says, "I think of fashion as art."


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