Shanika....A Curious Accessory

I was smitten by this pretty, saucy young lady--and that was before I noticed her fascinating legwear. I don't believe I've ever seen a knee brace worn better. Her brace, combined with the boots, brought back fond memories of the Bionic Woman, complete with dramatic sound effects.

As though a Jaime Sommers flashback were not treat enough, Shanika provided yet another delight: she is a student of anthropology! My, we had so much to discuss. She also writes a blog called "Life is Pichey".

PS: I attempted to trace the origins of the knee brace, to no avail. I did, however, discover that Earl Dickson invented the Band-Aid (reputedly to aid his accident-prone bride).


My very first feature!! I love the pose! I don't even remember doing it. LOL! I'm sure Lord Maxwell approves. I like being described as saucy....might have to use that one!!! BTW, that was such a great BIG HAIR day!
Ok, so not really a "feature" but a cool pic of me and my brace!
Lord Maxwell said…
Dearest Shanika--

Thank you so much for the striking pose. As for the ability to recall one's my age I've decided that memory is highly over-rated.

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