Saturday, November 22, 2014

Whimsy & Colour....Anthropologie

I encountered this charming lass at Anthropologie in Columbia, a new retail spot that--given it's name--I felt I had to see right away. (Indeed, I'm glad I did, for I am at last inspired to add to this blog.) The young lady's attire fit the mood of the store perfectly--festive and whimsical, with a bit of an edge.  Perhaps you can't tell, but her braids were highlighted with a pretty shade of pink. And there just above her knee and just below her hemline, on her stocking, you'll note a cat's face peeking out.  Fabulous!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

S.C. Oktoberfest....Main Street

While there was a decided German theme going on at Soda City Market on Main Street yesterday, I was more taken with the look you see above than with the traditional St. Pauli-Girl-meets-Pippi-Longstocking costumes that were plentiful (and quite adorable, no question about it).

Likewise, I eschewed the traditional bratwurst in favor of these....

....beef empanadas, fried on the premises.  I was so well fortified, in fact, that I recovered my enthusiasm for photographing the local attire and posting it here.  (I do believe that the empanada may be the spinach to my Popeye.)  So, cheerfully, back at it....
...and finding that this young woman did look quite sweet, no? I believe she is the force behind Butterfly Vintage.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pattern+Pattern....Soda City Market

Overjoyed to be back in Columbia (Aunt Dahlia would be pleased to know), I ventured out to the Saturday morning market on Main Street.  I was charmed immediately by this woman's combination of patterns....and only hope that my stalking her from booth to booth was not unnerving for her.
A block further, and I happened across a lovely collection of vintage clothing.  Best I could gather through casual eavesdropping, the stylish beauty on the left is the proprietress and the gentleman on the right was interested in purchasing the plaid sport coat.
Also at this tent--which was a bit of an open air fashion museum--I spied this extraordinary coat....
 ....and two charming displays of plaid.
If you care to seek this out on a Saturday, here's the inventive suitcase-sign. The business, I believe, is called Saint & Rambler.

Friday, August 15, 2014

"Three-hour Tour".... Best of Columbia

It seemed as if half of Columbia's residents had decided to channel their inner Thurston Howell, III. The occasion? The Free Times Best of Columbia party.  The instigators? Those charming lasses of Flock and Rally.
My fellow party-goers urged me to photograph this handsome duo.  I found myself imagining young Thurston chatting up a potential Lovey.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fabulous Hat....Tasty Tomato Festival

While many who attend this festival find the locally grown tomatoes to be inspired, I am always rather charmed by the attire.  In a crowd of delightful outfits, this young woman and her hat stood out.
Here's another photo--and as you see, even without the hat, she's lovely.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Seersucker & Brogues....Whole Foods

This store was full of well-dressed shoppers today, including this chap in the seersucker trousers.
I was particularly delighted by the shoes.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Converge....Main Street

This fellow's t-shirt caught my eye this morning when, oddly enough, I was converging with my fellow Soda Citizens at the farmers' market.

Friday, June 27, 2014

World Cup Fans....Publick House

I hadn't given much thought to how the World Cup might be influencing work wear until I saw this photo on Facebook yesterday.  Then, a pretty young lady invited me join her merry band at The Publick House to watch the U.S. challenge Germany. I decided to pay more careful attention to how fans were attired. Here's a little of what I saw.  The group, above, is utterly charming, no? The fellow in the blazer is wearing a soccer jersey underneath.
I was fascinated by the handsome chap in the center of this group, for he was wearing both a work-worthy shirt and tie AND a sort of I-believe-I-shall-mow-the-lawn red bandana. 
Here's a closer, though blurry shot.  (Drat the low light, but I suppose an advantage for those skipping out of work for long lunches.) Is there significance to the bandana? Or was he adding some red to his white and blue?
I mustn't forget our charming waitress, who was a veritable star as she fetched beverages for our table in her red & white stripes....
....or this fellow, who'd stuffed his pockets with flags, which he told me he'd be reusing on the Fourth of July.