Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ricardo....On Summer Style

Not only has Mexico given the galaxy Miss Universe, but it has also provided our fair city with charming Ricardo, a graduate student* in the international business program at the university. I enjoyed hearing his views on fashion--his ruminations, for instance, on American men's fondness for baggy pants while European men wear a much slimmer cut. Meanwhile, I was noting his ensemble, particularly the skinny cuff of his Bermudas. Quite put together for a summer evening.

Ricardo and I met at a gathering hosted by The Shop Tart, where we sipped a most unusual punch. Though I'm not ready to replace my usual - an Old Fashioned - with it, I did find it utterly delicious.

*PS and pardon me!: Ricardo clarified that he is a graduate of the university (so no longer a graduate student) and now handles international business development for a renewable energy company here in town. Even better, I say!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tracie....701 Center for Contemporary Art

I encountered this radiant red-haired beauty outside the doors of the art gallery housed inside at 701 Whaley. She insisted that I must see the exhibit inside; it seems Tracie works with the gallery and volunteers there every Thursday. I was rather too taken by her ensemble--the bold summer print with green sandals and a jaunty yellow bag--to much admire the art. But I do intend to go back. I trust the lady's recommendations even more, now that I know she was the creative mind behind the Tasty Tomato Festival, a jewel of an event indeed.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Preach....701 Whaley

Perhaps when you think seersucker and cool, you have your own ideas. I will, I believe, now think of Preach and this approach, which I'm calling "seersucker undone". I met Preach at a music event to benefit The Nickelodeon. I learned that this charming gentleman is a writer and a musician. He also introduced me to the music of DayClean--and said he'd read this blog--so I now admire his general good taste as well as his sartorial flair.

I had to have a photo, and while I searched my pockets for my camera, my dear friend Molly Harrell managed to take a number of excellent shots, which she shared with me. Molly told me she'd overheard that Preach's jacket was a thrift store find, just $10.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jonathan & Katie....Hampton Street

I admit it, sometimes my imagination bolts out of the barn before I can slip a harness on it. And so it was today when I spied this pair strolling downtown. Perhaps it was the headgear, but I fancied the two had just married at City Hall. Not wanting to be impertinent, I ventured this: "My, I do admire your toppers. Is there a special occasion?" Then I waggled my eyebrows.

No, the two assured me, they usually dress like this. In fact, they seemed a little perplexed that I'd noticed anything about them at all.
Delightful! And so modest! Her little headpiece, she told me is "a feathered net thing," something she'd found not made. And his hat? He removed it to show me as he explained that it's "a Scottish tartan hat, straight off the boat." Of course I thought that was splendid.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bert....The Vista

Though I found him natty head to toe, I was most taken by the gentleman's belt; it struck me as both utilitarian and a pleasing complement to his shirt and trousers. He told me his wife had selected it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trung....Pulaski Street

I was curious about Trung's combination of bold printed shirt and traditional pinstriped trousers. "I just pulled it out of the closet and thought okay, why not," he told me.
The back of his shirt provides one with a nice, non-permanent alternative for achieving the Angelina Jolie look, no?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Laura....A Denim Sundress

A beautiful young woman sporting a simple sundress: ah summer, perhaps your stifling heat does have an upside!

I would compose an ode to the sundress, but it seems someone else already has.

In said ode, Leslie Goldman writes: "It's the fashion equivalent of rubbing bacon and Megan Fox-scented cologne on your pulse points and walking into ESPN ZONE." Though I have no idea what sort of species the Megan fox is, nor where I might find this Spanish zone (Spain, perhaps?), I do adore bacon and somehow believe I agree.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Richard....A Linen Shirt

This handsome fellow makes it look so easy, with his trim dark olive green trousers and fresh linen shirt. Richard told me he likes linen in the heat of summer, because he's no fan of short sleeves. He also said the rumpled look suits him. But do you not find him quite put together, rather like a refreshing, not-too-fussy adult beverage? Indeed, all the sudden, a gin and tonic comes to mind.