Saturday, May 17, 2014

Trim Suit....S.C. Book Festival

My companion at the opening reception for the S.C. Book Festival was rather taken by this man and his slim-fitting suit. She urged me to snap the handsome chap's photo (and as a bonus, I inadvertently captured the woman to his right in the entrancing floor-length floral number).
My charming date (in the black dress) played it cool as she insisted I take this photo and the one below. The woman in the striking blue dress, it turned out, was the well-suited man's pretty wife.
And here's one more angle of the fellow, who I later learned has been photographed for the cover of one of the books featured at the festival.  The entire gathering has been a delight thus far, and I've met a charming writer of children's books--Kami Kinard--who hails from Camden, I believe. I also chatted with another Camden-connected writer, the nephew of my dear friend Reid, the always-funny Christopher Buckley.  Perhaps, I will see you there today or tomorrow?  Do wear something interesting, for I'd love to take a photo!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Monday, May 5, 2014

Lauren....Gingham on Main

Cute Lauren was working at The Oak Table's tent at the Soda City market on Saturday. I wanted a picture of her sweet summer dress...., despite her misgivings, she came out from behind the table to pose for me.  I've photographed her at the farmers' market before. Here, I thought she looked perfect for going to a picnic!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Madame Magar....701 CCA

The adorable creature you see above is none other than the brilliant Leigh Magar, milliner extraordinaire, who is wearing both a hat and dress of her own design. My dear friend Millicent heard that she might have the opportunity to purchase a Magar Hatworks hat yesterday and was simply mad to get over to 701 Whaley as quickly as possible.  I was more than happy to tag along, daring to hope that I might be able to chat with Ms. Magar. Success!
Her work is, as I've mentioned, on display at 701 CCA--and this collection of hat forms is enough to make a fashion anthropologist dithery.
There was also this fabulous headpiece on display, the sort of hat one must wear to the opera with great care.  Otherwise, the delightful Ms. Magar explained to me, members of the audience might complain that you are blocking the view.

And last of all, you see above a pair of Magar Hatworks originals acquired by my chum Millicent. The little two-toned number was hand dyed and hand stitched. The black bowler is cleverly trimmed out with measuring tape and lined with a marvelous purple satin. You can still catch Leigh Magar's show at 701 CCA through the weekend. You can also find out more about her work here.