Monday, February 28, 2011

Crystal & Lilly....Riverfront Park

I encountered this pretty duo over the weekend. Crystal was wearing an eye-catching hand-painted knit vest she'd purchased in Colorado. Lilly, I discovered, had her own adornments......
...and I particularly liked the satin rose collar.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dancing Feet....All-Local Farmers' Market

How I do enjoy my local farmers' market, a place where both dependable delights and surprises await me. I was enjoying a glass of cava with my friend and cheesemaking guru Hazel, when this performer began dancing. I was struck not just by the catchy rhythm of her foot taps, but also by her impressive fashion sensibility--the fingerless gloves, so that she could play the fiddle I suppose, and the rest of it, down to those marvelous brogues.

Above, a closer look at those shoes in action.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ann, Mr. Higgs....The Big Apple

I liked the way Ann was wearing subdued colours and carrying this large, shiny red bag, and also how just a bit of her striped shirt peeked out at the bottom edge of her jacket. Something about her style communicated confidence, I thought. I spied her at an exhibition of photographs by Jimmy Higgs. That's the photographer, below.
Mr. Higgs had created a series of wonderful abstract images by photographing bits of highways and sidewalks very close up. He told me he got the idea while running and had taken hundreds of photos since. I was delighted by the cleverness of it, and found every image intriguing. I was also rather taken by the way he'd chosen to display his works, on easels he had designed and constructed himself.

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Full Skirt....And a Windy Day

While I was waiting for the light at Lincoln and Gervais, the wind whipped up and surprised this woman (and I discovered the advantage of having a phone that is a rather smart camera). She seems to be hanging onto her skirt and hair for dear life, no?
Once she'd regained her composure, Kiki gave me a few details. Her pleated skirt is by Hunter Dixon; she purchased it at Van Jean. It is made of a deep blue fabric that, indeed, sports a subtle tone-on-tone forest of trees. The striped top came from J. Crew. The wind, we agreed, must have come from the near future: surely that was a breeze that belongs in March.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kat....Farmers' Market

This is not the first time I've photographed Kat. How does she always manage to look so adorable so early on a Saturday morning?

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Queue....Columbia Airport

Indeed, quite a bit of my day was spent waiting but my time was not entirely wasted, since I did notice something new (to me, at least): patent leather elbow patches on a black hoodie. My first inclination was to categorize them as decorative. But then I mulled the hazards of travel and realized that shiny, water-resistant patches might prove quite utilitarian. I know that I, on more than one occasion, have rested my elbows on an airport bar, only to have them soaked in ale. I believe I might add patches such as these to my traveling jacket and see if they offer protection.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tom....Farmers' Market

Last Saturday, I was delighted to discover a farmer at the market wearing overalls, but a week later, this fellow had upped the ante. Does Tom indeed plow the back forty in such fancy workwear, I wondered? No, it seems that he was drumming up support for a Mardi Gras event, a parade and party: he and some cohorts are forming a Columbia Krewe, with a plan to make it an annual fundraiser for a farm-related charity. I do believe I'll put on a costume and go--to further my research, of course.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Emily....All-Local Farmers' Market

Pretty Emily and her outfit seemed to capture how everyone was feeling on this gorgeous summer-ish morning--positively festive!

Friday, February 18, 2011 February

I've decided that May's dark wash denim jacket is the picture of versatility and perfectly suited for this unseasonably warm spell. It was my good fortune to encounter her several times this week--and each day she was wearing the jacket--on Monday with casual trousers, Wednesday with a leopard print a-line skirt, and Friday with a khaki shirt dress.
I also liked the gold hoop earrings with that hoopy loopy necklace and ruffled shirt. (And I happen to know that somewhere in that bundle of files, she's carrying the new spring catalog from Boden, where the denim jacket plays a featured role.)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reid....Paisley Park(ing lot)

Along with his penchant for wearing truncated trousers, I often note my pal Reid's flair for layering and mixing patterns. Today, I delayed him on his way to lunch, because I wanted a closer look at his tie and vest.
I was also curious about that rather large knot: had Reid hit upon an 86th way to tie a tie? "I have no idea," he told me, "that's just the way it worked out." Or perhaps he did know--but was hungry.

PS: would you be surprised to learn that Reid is a Zumba fan? I am trying to persuade him to join these lovely Columbia people in their attempt on Saturday to set a world record.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Molly....701 Whaley

I stopped by 701 Whaley to see an installation for which Molly had done the photography--not realizing that her photo shoots had been clothing optional! Indeed, what you choose not to wear is as much a fashion statement as the items you do put on. And I liked what Molly was wearing--a sweater with embroidered flowers that had that hand-crafted look, with a leopard print scarf to give it a bit of an edge.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This coat caught my eye for many reasons--its colour, pattern, details. And, after reading this article in the Wall Street Journal about Fashion Week, which is underway in New York, I believe Barbara is riding the coat wave of the future: "The average winter coat is no longer acceptable," said Robert Burke, founder of the luxury retail consultancy Robert Burke Associates. "Now you have to have the fashion winter coat."

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kristen....Garners Ferry

What fun, no? For me, there's a particular bit of magic about pairing the tights with the shoes. Take a closer look.... these t-straps with the flowers, which Kristen says she found at Anthropologie.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Catherine....Five Points

This young woman was quite fetching with her beret and bold colours, and fortunately, she did not mind interrupting her shopping to let me take a photograph. We chatted, Catherine revealing that she is studying for her Ph.D in British literature and that she has owned and worn berets since she was a girl. I don't know which bit of information delighted me more.
Here's a closer look at her bag with an over-sized flower affixed to it--charming, no?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eric....Farmers' Market

A farmer wearing overalls at a farmers' market? Wonders never cease! Eric is a partner in City Roots, and it's always a delight to encounter him. It was a busy day at the market, with people turning out to support another farm family--the Willoughbys--who'd lost a newly-built barn in a fire this week. If you missed the market but care to lend your support, you can do that here. If you missed the market, I'm also afraid you missed some excellent gelato, but good news on that--they'll be serving gelato again next week.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Melissa....Springdale Hall

Bloody Marys, singing, champagne, and lots of toasting: this table seemed unusually jolly for a Thursday lunch, even when one takes into account that my old friend Reid was a member of the party. Turns out it was a party--of the birthday variety--for the pretty young woman in the pale purple blouse.
I waited as they blew out candles, opened gifts, and lifted their glasses for yet another toast, for I wanted to take a photograph of Melissa's entire ensemble. It was a wonderful mix, a perfect balance of pattern and detail, of wildness and restraint.
With a leopard print pencil skirt, she'd donned these argyle peep-toe pumps....
....and a pretty blouse trimmed out with pleated ruffles that managed to be exuberant without going overboard. I do hope she continues to have an exuberant birthday celebration and encourage her to go overboard if she has the chance. And I believe she just might; Melissa tells me she's making it a week-long event!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Savannah....Sid & Nancy

Savannah is so poised and pretty, it's easy to mistake her for a mannequin--and she tells me that has happened! I loved the large, wine-coloured flower in her hair, which she says was an Etsy find, as was the fabulous patent leather purse in the foreground. Her ivory top she got at Sid & Nancy. It turns out that Savannah is a vintage maven and sells items she collects in her own Etsy shop, Pucker Up. I was delighted to see her collection of clothing from the 1950s and 60s there.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Austin....South Main

I was taken with this hoodie, bearing bold letters that proclaim, well, nothing. I also liked the way the gentleman had donned the knit cap, shoes, and striped shirt with it. He was an utterly charming chap, it turns out, certainly not a zero by anyone's calculation. He's a partner in a production company called Dust of the Ground.

I inquired about the hoodie. "Zero" is the name of a company that makes skateboards--and indeed, I did find a similar item online. I believe I'd like to own one, but the well-worn character that adds so much charm will be up to me, Austin says; he's had his Zero hoodie for quite a few years.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Drew & Liz....Heathwood Circle

A reader sent me this photograph from her phone, thinking I would enjoy seeing daughter and mother, both wearing a variation on the trench coat--and I am most grateful for the submission! The original trench coat, as I'm sure you know, was created by Thomas Burberry (a rather dour teetotaler, I've been told) for officers to wear during the Great War (one of the few great things about it, if one asks me).

In the decades since, the trench coat has morphed considerably and become quite the fashion item. I love both cheery interpretations you see above. It helps, of course, that this mother-daughter duo is darling. And my goodness, such glorious hair they have.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Michelle....Gervais & Vine

I was smitten by this coat--the collar, the sleeves, the fabric (which was a luscious tweedy thing with a hint of metallic thread, I do believe). Michelle was just as lovely, the sort of woman I delight in meeting: she wriggled out of it to show me the label--Elijah--and readily confessed she'd scored this fabulous item at Revente. I do hope she and her charming husband had a lovely evening.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stanford....Art Bar

What a delight to make this gentleman's acquaintance and do take a look at this getup. Stanford (a.k.a. The Reverend Stanley Gardner) told me he found his hat at a flea market. Upon closer inspection, I discovered the hat was a hard, molded plastic.

He was also wearing a snap-front shirt with other Western details, not because he dresses this way every day, but because he was master of ceremonies for an evening of country music at Art Bar. I was laughing so heartily at his witty ditties (country songs of his own creation, I might add) that I nearly missed these...

Stan and his boots were later joined on stage by a number of striking women, all clad in country music attire that covered the range from prim dresses to the blond-and-bodacious look that I understand some woman named Dolly has made famous. What fun!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Amy....Bicycle Style

Cicero said "the eyes are the window to the soul," but I was so charmed by this photo of Amy with her eyes closed to the falling rain, that I must beg to differ. That sunny smile gives more than a glimpse of this soul, if one asks me. Yes, I do have a shot of her with eyes open....
Either way, I admire how she's put this look together--the plaid jacket, trousers, boots, purple gloves and green bicycle. I've noticed this young woman's style on several occasions; today I was fortunate to catch up with her, thanks to her two friendly pups--who weren't cooperating with her but were most helpful to me!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Bobra's gold raincoat and boots are almost enough to make me wish for a downpour every day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Michael....Main Street

This young man, an artist, always makes for amusing company. We strolled by several Main Street galleries, looking for enough light to snap a photo because he had on a most delightful furry coat. Gentlemen, you may do well to find such a coat for yourselves; I noticed that women seemed drawn to it as if it were a super-powerful refrigerator magnet (and they, of course, non-stainless steel appliances). Indeed, it was the sort of coat one longs to turn inside out and try on naked, and its wearer seemed amenable to permitting me to give that a go. Alas, I had on some rather unsightly sock garters and wasn't willing to expose myself.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kelsey....Fresh Market

I encountered this darling young woman just outside The Fresh Market and indeed, I do hope she did not find me too fresh. The sky was rather gloomy, so her skirt woven with a metallic thread brought a bit of sparkle to the day. She'd found the skirt, she told me, at Ann Taylor Loft. Our brief chat led to another discovery: I'd previously met her style-savvy husband. Together, one presumes, they make an impressive pair!