Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gentleman....Main Street

 I snapped a picture of this distinctive, handsome chap last weekend on Main Street.
Here's another look. I always enjoy seeing a man wearing a hat.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Kathryn....Great Smoky Mountains

Even deep in the mountains (miles and miles from a gas station, I might add...but that is another story), I encountered a woman with charming style! Kathryn seemed perfectly attired for our little escapade, an outing to "hunt" for ramps.  I dressed in my shooting breeks and was prepared to take aim at the the elusive devils, only to discover that a ramp is an onion-like weed that pops up from the ground in April in higher elevations.

After I'd dug for my dinner under the direction of my able guide, Allan Benton, I enjoyed it with a lively crew that included beautiful Kathryn.  She's holding a bunch of cleaned ramps in her left hand, and they make the perfect accessory for her vivid-pink-plaid-shirt-and-overalls ensemble, no?  We were lucky to have Kathryn's talented husband, chef Joseph Lenn, convert the ramps into a delicious meal creek side.  Indeed, I do not know when I've had a lovelier day or lovelier company. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

With Matching Camera....Soda City

I found myself "stalking" this lovely woman at the Soda City Market last weekend, because I was enjoying her mix of patterns....the stockings and dress.  As I moved around her (none too subtly, I might add) to snap a shot from a different angle, I discovered that she was using red in a most delightful way....
....with a camera that matched her shoes!  One does not often see that, though wouldn't it be delightful if we did?  This fascinating woman and I had quite a chat: she is a professor, purchases her clothes from a Greenwood thrift shop almost exclusively.  We traded introductions and calling cards but alas....I have searched my trouser pockets and cannot find hers nor can my foggy brain generate a name.  I will look for her again tomorrow at the market! Or perhaps she will find me here!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ebony....Main Street

I adore this woman. That's why it troubles me that I almost always fail to recognize her.  Permit me to assure you, it's not just the fallout of addled old age!  Ebony has a wide range of looks, each one fabulous.  Today, she was all business. I liked very much the whole ensemble, especially the vivid orange jacket. 

I confessed my confusion, and she gave me a bit of an explanation: she writes a blog called Make Me Over, Eb! and she's quite keen on experimenting with different looks.  She views getting dressed, she tells me, as sort of a daily makeover.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Michaela....Runaway Runway

I was delighted to photograph these beautiful friends--and was struck by the style of the woman on the left.  Yes, stunning....
....and those boots! I venture to say that some of the younger set in fashion might call them fierce.  I later realized I'd been admiring the footwear of artist Michaela Pilar Brown, one of the judges for this year's recycled fashion show, Runaway Runway.
That show, by the way was a great deal of fun.  I do recommend it!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tartan Topper....Main Street

An appealing chap sporting the ultimate, not the pup....but the Tam o'Shanter. I do like the way the toorie and band dress up what might otherwise be a beret.  Well done, young man!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Peg....Main Street

Yes, that is the object of my undying crush....but no, Peg is not trying to sell me a "genuine Rolex".  When I complimented her on the pattern of her jacket, she wanted me to see the pattern inside as well. She is, as always, dressed in wonderful style. I love the colour combination.