With Matching Camera....Soda City

I found myself "stalking" this lovely woman at the Soda City Market last weekend, because I was enjoying her mix of patterns....the stockings and dress.  As I moved around her (none too subtly, I might add) to snap a shot from a different angle, I discovered that she was using red in a most delightful way....
....with a camera that matched her shoes!  One does not often see that, though wouldn't it be delightful if we did?  This fascinating woman and I had quite a chat: she is a professor, purchases her clothes from a Greenwood thrift shop almost exclusively.  We traded introductions and calling cards but alas....I have searched my trouser pockets and cannot find hers nor can my foggy brain generate a name.  I will look for her again tomorrow at the market! Or perhaps she will find me here!


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