Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tyrolean Trousers....Columbia Convention Center

Ah, what would a beer festival be without lederhosen? Sadly lacking, indeed. I did not get close enough to determine if actual leder had been used to make these.  In a related aside, do let me help you learn from my mistake: as a young anthropologist, I called these short trousers "leiderhosen" which means, in German, "sad britches".  As some football coach, somewhere, has surely said: "there is no 'i' in lederhosen."  Most definitely no "i" here--these britches and the chaps wearing them were quite cheerful!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tribal Necklaces....Beer Festival

Dear reader, I confess: until yesterday, I had never before attended a beer festival. While I expected to discover a new ale or two, I did not expect to discover that beer festival attendees are a bit of a tribe, with their own distinctive clothing and accessories.  But it is, in fact, the case. Of most interest to me were the pretzel necklaces, which reminded me somewhat of the adornments worn by Masai tribespeople.  Above, you see a man who has festooned himself with fat pretzels and leftover Christmas ribbons.
Here, the size of the necklaces seems to indicate that snacks to go with beer will be required to last some several days, no? Delightful! I like the variety of pretzels these two women chose to use.  They were quite good-natured about letting me photograph them.

A modest pretzel necklace pairs well with a bow tie, I think. I could see myself wearing something like this. This handsome young fellow was working, and I liked the way he'd gotten into the spirit of the day.

If like me, you were not in-the-know about this pretzel necklace business, you could redeem yourself by purchasing a kit.
Below, you see a volunteer for Columbia Opportunity Resource with one of the kits. No doubt, she is explaining that the preztels were placed in the ziplock bag by someone with very clean hands.
Were you to assemble one of these kits, I believe you might wind up with something similar to the necklaces these friends were sporting.
Portable snacking is only useful for so long.  Eventually, an old fellow just needs to take his pretzels and sit down.  I found a spot on the floor in the corner.
I'd like to tell you these are my plimsolls and socks--but no, they belong to my much younger (but just as weary) companion and guide.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Miss Springmaid....Columbia Museum of Art

This attractive young woman would have made Col. Elliott White Springs happy, I dare to venture. Not only was she shapely, but she was also wearing a body-baring ensemble that featured his work. The fabric is covered with images from his rather risque ad campaigns for Springmaid.
The "prince of peek-a-boo advertising" and his naughty ads were the topic of the Columbia Design League's cocktail party/educational program at the museum on Friday night.  We were privileged to view a delightful documentary produced by SCETV...
 ....which included many anything-but-subtle illustrations, such as the one you see above.  I intend to seek out a copy of Springs's book Clothes Make the Man, which I understand was printed in Clinton, S.C., by an old acquaintance of mine.  (I know I will like the book for the title, if for no other reason.)

Springs's antics (and Hawaiian shirts) delighted many in the audience--and, no doubt, offended some. After the film, a panel discussed the ads and the question of taste. (For the record, I object to good taste whenever it's the impetus for dull fashion.) One natty fellow wondered if we'd one day be discussing American Apparel ads in the same way. If you care to comment, I'd be curious to know what you think.

The show-stealers, for me, were the former Miss Springmaids....
The women not only attended the event, but also told their stories to the audience and signed autographs.
I do enjoy my membership in the Columbia Design League--and thank them for putting together an entertaining evening!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Heather....Gervais Street

I spied this woman at Peace, Love & Rocky Roast this afternoon and quite admired her print jacket, mix of patterns, black and white palette, and hat. I do love it when women wear hats!  And she was a complete delight! What a treat on a Friday afternoon.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pleated Skirt....Columbia Museum of Art

I have long hoped to meet this appealing young woman, for I see her about town always well-dressed. I was thrilled to capture her in this long pleated skirt--so thrilled, in fact, that I failed to introduce myself, so still do not know her name.  I did, however, make the acquaintance of the woman seated at the table: that's Christy with the brilliant smile.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Crafter....Columbia Museum of Art

This adorable woman delighted me with her whimsical knit hat and tangle of yarn. She was among the crafty folk enjoying a cheery time at the Columbia Museum of Art this evening...the official name, I believe, is Craft.Bar.Happy.Hour.
As you can see, some of the crafters were getting considerably "happier" than others.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Laura....Drip Coffee

An open table at Drip Coffee--or was it? A purse with a beguiling strip of orange on the strap and a bit of cash suggested otherwise. To my delight, the table was occupied by none other than lovely Laura.

Laura provides makeup and wardrobe on the sets of movies and television programs (and is probably cursing me at this very moment for using my camera's flash in the photo above). She was in Columbia last week to apply makeup to the faces of would-be American presidents.  A world traveler, Laura included a number of interesting items in this ensemble--a studded leather jacket....
...this souvenir necklace from a recent trip to Dubai (yes, that's the Burj Al Arab, "burj" being the word for "tower" in Arabic, a tidbit I picked up on my own recent trip to Dubai)...
 ...and these grommet-and-leather jeans. Laura's jeans may be daring, but the lady is far too discreet to offer any insight into complexion issues of the election.  She assured me, however, that the candidates no longer wear powdered wigs (though after seeing this fellow, I am not entirely convinced).

Friday, January 20, 2012

Harriett....701 CCA

Harriett is one of those stunning women you always notice. Last night at a 701 Center for Contemporary Art opening, her beauty was almost upstaged by the stunning collar on her jacket. It reminded me a bit of Queen Elizabeth's ruff--though Harriett's strikes me as much more fantastic, because hers is made from zippers. Yes, metal zippers!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reid & May....Springdale Hall

It had been while since I'd last seen my Camden friends. What a treat. Reid looked dapper as always, donned in his favourite type of trouser--breeks.  And May is always so well put together. On this day, she was wearing a knit tunic in a mod graphic print, something she found in a new Charleston boutique. I also liked her skinny jeans and boots, and the bright yellow bag, bringing a bit of sunshine on an overcast day. She seems to have a knack for that!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cal....Five Points

When I saw Cal earlier today, I assumed he was sporting short trousers because of the warm weather.  But no--his motives were far more interesting than that!  It seems Cal was tallying the inventory of the humidor at The Gourmet Shop. The room is rather muggy, with 75 percent humidity--comfortable for cigars, not as much for delightful Cal.  I did enjoy our chat at Drip and look forward to seeing him again soon.  Perhaps he will give me a tour of this humidor; I rather envision the cigars sitting in their own recliners watching tiny televisions.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trip....State Street

My dear friend, photographer Molly Harrell, has permitted me to add her photo to my t-shirt collection.  She captured Trip at Cafe Strudel, a cheerful place indeed. Trip sports a rather stern expression for a chap whose shirt insists we have fun, no?  I quite like it (the expression...and yes the shirt)--and the hat!  Perhaps I'll test his shirt's theory today as I pass through airport security.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Horseplay....Washington, D.C.

I assume this is what the well-dressed truck is wearing these days.  One might expect to find this in a horse hamlet such as Camden....but in the nation's capital? 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fancy Pants....Main Street

No that's not a ladder covered with Christmas lights. It is, in fact, a rather long-legged gentleman wearing a pair of illuminated trousers. I encountered him within the confines of the VIP zone at Columbia's New Year's Eve celebration on Main Street.  He seemed to be making hats from balloons, or something along those lines.  No idea where one finds such trousers, for his height seems to exceed the capacity of even the most ambitious Big & Tall department. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Heather....Happy New Year

I'd heard there might be a little holiday get together on Main Street last night, so I ventured out--and was rewarded by an encounter with this adorable woman.  Heather's look put me in mind of the 1920s, a wonderful decade to recall when one is in the mood to kick up one's heels.  Her dress, she told me, she nabbed at Revente's Last Call for a scandalous $25. Her shoes are Dolce & Gabbana from Coplon's--but she assured me she waited to purchase them on sale--which made me think this young lady, while as lovely as Zelda Fitzgerald, might be be a jot more practical.