Laura....Drip Coffee

An open table at Drip Coffee--or was it? A purse with a beguiling strip of orange on the strap and a bit of cash suggested otherwise. To my delight, the table was occupied by none other than lovely Laura.

Laura provides makeup and wardrobe on the sets of movies and television programs (and is probably cursing me at this very moment for using my camera's flash in the photo above). She was in Columbia last week to apply makeup to the faces of would-be American presidents.  A world traveler, Laura included a number of interesting items in this ensemble--a studded leather jacket....
...this souvenir necklace from a recent trip to Dubai (yes, that's the Burj Al Arab, "burj" being the word for "tower" in Arabic, a tidbit I picked up on my own recent trip to Dubai)...
 ...and these grommet-and-leather jeans. Laura's jeans may be daring, but the lady is far too discreet to offer any insight into complexion issues of the election.  She assured me, however, that the candidates no longer wear powdered wigs (though after seeing this fellow, I am not entirely convinced).


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