Tyrolean Trousers....Columbia Convention Center

Ah, what would a beer festival be without lederhosen? Sadly lacking, indeed. I did not get close enough to determine if actual leder had been used to make these.  In a related aside, do let me help you learn from my mistake: as a young anthropologist, I called these short trousers "leiderhosen" which means, in German, "sad britches".  As some football coach, somewhere, has surely said: "there is no 'i' in lederhosen."  Most definitely no "i" here--these britches and the chaps wearing them were quite cheerful!


April said…
I bet they were asked if they could have their picture taken a lot Saturday! I know I stopped and got a photo of them too! Did you enjoy the beer fest?
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear April,
So glad we both had the pleasure of seeing these fun-loving fellows. I DID enjoy the beer fest--and you?
April said…
It was great, a little too great almost, but at least Jason's Deli was less than two blocks away for some good, filling food.

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