Tuesday, November 30, 2010

May....a Rainy Day

Who was that lithesome figure exiting Springdale Hall, a bottle of wine clutched in her hand? I decided it might be wise to follow and find out. Indeed, it was my dear friend May.
I was charmed by her rain boots with their playful black and white houndstooth pattern. I insisted she pause despite the drizzle to let me capture them.
She then tossed her umbrella aside and demanded that I examine her bold yellow rubberized wristwatch, an accessory perfectly suited to both her ensemble and the day.
A friend of hers makes these, and I've never seen a timepiece quite like it. The band unrolls out and snaps flat, rather like a roll-up metal ruler or measuring tape. I wonder what M. Patek and M. Phillipe (who made the first wristwatch in 1868) would think about that.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Vivid Yellow & Ginkgos....Edisto Avenue

Ah, a bit of sunshine on a dreary autumn day. Just what I was in need of dear reader, for I'm beset by an illness I'd like to think beneath me--the common cold. With my snuffles and raspings, I find that no one will allow me within ten yards, making it rather difficult to inquire about their attire. So on a short walk this past weekend, an attempt to regain my strength, I instead captured a few photos of this scintillating display of colour. It appears that Edisto Avenue has a preponderance of ginkgo trees.

This young fellow seemed to share my enthusiasm, his little arms stretched wide with joy as he prepares to fall face first into a ginkgo-covered embankment. (That is, indeed, a small boy wearing a red romper, is it not? I do fear my eyes may be as congested as my nasal passages, for at first I thought him to be a fire hydrant.)

The glorious fan-shaped ginkgo, you may well know, has inspired design through the ages and is part of Japanese family crests and a feature in art noveau works. I'm fond of this ginkgo fabric from Marimekko.
Ginkgos (not unlike this fashion anthropologist) are considered to be living fossils and, I understand, their leaves are useful as an herb to treat eye problems. I have cast my lot with a different cure--cold toddies--bourbon, lemon and honey well-shaken with an ample scoop of ice. (At least this once, the remedy is not worse than the disease.)

As for the large number of ginkgo trees on Edisto, does anyone happen to know if that is by coincidence or design?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paper Hats....Cafe Du Monde

A recent engagement took me to New Orleans, where I was intrigued by the uniforms of the wait staff at Cafe Du Monde--all the variations on the theme of white shirt and black bow tie, the flourish of pink at the waist (a Handi Wipe for cleaning tables, it seems) and those marvelous paper hats.

These origami-like toppers have inspired me to launch an investigation into the varieties and histories of the paper hat. Do you know of any paper-hat-wearing people in Columbia? If so, please direct me to them, in order that I might add them to my research.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shanika....Recovering Nicely

When last I saw Shanika, she was wearing a rather large knee brace. Today, I was delighted to bump into her and discover that she has replaced the knee brace with over-the-knee boots. Not only are these fringed boots a marvel, but they also indicate that the lovely woman (who had been training for a marathon, she tells me) is on the mend--and is even running again.
(After randomly swiping at keys on this baffling computer, I've somehow managed to provide you with a before and after, above.) Always eager to hear about running footwear, I asked, "My dear, by chance, do you run in these very boots?" No, she said, she's a fan of those odd little foot gloves. "I really can't run in anything else," she told me--which is something I've heard from others who are regular wearers of those "shoes." My goodness.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kat....711 Whaley

I don't know that I've ever seen plaid worn in a more adorable manner, and reader, I have seen my share of plaid. This darling young woman was eager to tell me about her plaid shirt, which is made by RVCA. She was quite enthusiastic about this company and their support of artists, saying to me with her eyes wide, "I'd like to work for them!" Indeed. For the moment, though, she's working for another lovely company, one that makes artisanal salts, sold at the All-Local Farmers' Market, The Gourmet Shop, and Finleaf.

As we parted, I glanced at her necklace and said, "your name is Kat, yes?" She blushed. "I keep forgetting I have on my Carrie necklace, sir, and it surprises me when people know my name."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lorie....Devine Street

I bumped into this delightful acquaintance at Finleaf, she shopping for a gift, I hoping (yes, I admit it) to catch a glimpse of the proprietress (for as you may know, I admire the lady and rather envy Mr. Peg). Lorie was a tad apologetic about her ensemble; she is preparing for a trip, she told me, and doesn't want to wear anything she might care to pack. "White jeans after Labor Day," she said, wrinkling up her darling nose, "but they say it's okay."

I have no idea who "they" are (those okay-ers, who rather put me in mind of the decider), but they (the white jeans) are most certainly fine by me. Though you might not be able to make them out, Lorie had on a fetching pair of boots with a bit of a Western flavour. I'd quite like to have a pair, myself--to use for fitness purposes, naturally.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Day in the Country....Serenbe

Quelle chance! I was invited for a day of fine food and wine in the countryside near Atlanta, and making the invitation even more enticing is that it was issued by Les Dames d'Escoffier. I've had a fondness for this charming group ever since they invited me to deliver my paper "Beyond the Apron: Women, Attire and the Culinary Professions." So what does one wear to the country? Hats, as you see, on this intriguing woman above...

....and on these fine gentlemen.....
In a sea of denim, greys and camels, colour was particularly a stand out....
I admired the way the woman's hair in the photo below matched the stitching on her vest. Was this by design, I found myself pondering, or a mere happy coincidence? (For the record, I once dyed my hair to match my tie, but that was in the 1980s when people did such things.)
Sweaters and boots were a common sight. Here you see two variations on that theme....
It was my pleasure to meet this attractive young woman, below. Ginger told me she owns a home in Columbia. I admired her jacket and her quite-serious camera. The jacket she got on sale; the camera, however, was priced well beyond my fixed-income budget, alas.
Though I spent the entire afternoon on the farm, I must tell you: these scrawny bovines were the only livestock that I saw. Perhaps had I spent a little less time in the wine tasting tent, I might have seen a few more goats and such. Oh well, next time!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


On this chilly morning, I questioned the genius of having left my cozy home.....until I was rewarded with the sight of lovely Peg.
As if she were not sunshine itself (at least to me, dear reader), she also happened to be sporting this cheery, quilted coat which looks perfect with her sweater and pants. What a stylish way to stay warm, indeed.
Just above, you can see how marvelous that coat is, with what appears to be hand stitching.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sam....City Roots

Rather well put together, I thought, to shop a farmers' market. I particularly liked the sweater--and the denim collar, slightly and so charmingly askew.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Leslie....For the Love of Art

Leslie tells me that she is, most days, a shy blond. But in support of a "dark and edgy" show by artist Michael Krajewski, she boldly died her hair and donned a more daring ensemble. Wouldn't every creative person benefit from such support? This week, Mr. Krajewski will be showing his work at First Thursday on Main Street. I wonder if Leslie will venture out with a new look. I do hope so!