Kat....711 Whaley

I don't know that I've ever seen plaid worn in a more adorable manner, and reader, I have seen my share of plaid. This darling young woman was eager to tell me about her plaid shirt, which is made by RVCA. She was quite enthusiastic about this company and their support of artists, saying to me with her eyes wide, "I'd like to work for them!" Indeed. For the moment, though, she's working for another lovely company, one that makes artisanal salts, sold at the All-Local Farmers' Market, The Gourmet Shop, and Finleaf.

As we parted, I glanced at her necklace and said, "your name is Kat, yes?" She blushed. "I keep forgetting I have on my Carrie necklace, sir, and it surprises me when people know my name."


I'm so happy you got a picture of her. I loved what she was wearing. Even the "Carrie necklace." I may have to get one for myself.
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear lady, I think you should have a necklace that proclaims "Life is Pichey" and nothing less. Wonderful to see you again

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