May....a Rainy Day

Who was that lithesome figure exiting Springdale Hall, a bottle of wine clutched in her hand? I decided it might be wise to follow and find out. Indeed, it was my dear friend May.
I was charmed by her rain boots with their playful black and white houndstooth pattern. I insisted she pause despite the drizzle to let me capture them.
She then tossed her umbrella aside and demanded that I examine her bold yellow rubberized wristwatch, an accessory perfectly suited to both her ensemble and the day.
A friend of hers makes these, and I've never seen a timepiece quite like it. The band unrolls out and snaps flat, rather like a roll-up metal ruler or measuring tape. I wonder what M. Patek and M. Phillipe (who made the first wristwatch in 1868) would think about that.


Erin said…
Who makes the watches and where can I get one?
Lord Maxwell said…
My dear, I am inquiring now and hope to have that information for you quite soon.
Lord Maxwell said…
My friend May has discovered an answer to your question!
The timepiece is a SlapWear Watch by So-Mine. They are available at
All my best,dear--
Erin said…
Thanks for the info!

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