Lorie....Devine Street

I bumped into this delightful acquaintance at Finleaf, she shopping for a gift, I hoping (yes, I admit it) to catch a glimpse of the proprietress (for as you may know, I admire the lady and rather envy Mr. Peg). Lorie was a tad apologetic about her ensemble; she is preparing for a trip, she told me, and doesn't want to wear anything she might care to pack. "White jeans after Labor Day," she said, wrinkling up her darling nose, "but they say it's okay."

I have no idea who "they" are (those okay-ers, who rather put me in mind of the decider), but they (the white jeans) are most certainly fine by me. Though you might not be able to make them out, Lorie had on a fetching pair of boots with a bit of a Western flavour. I'd quite like to have a pair, myself--to use for fitness purposes, naturally.


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