Friday, April 27, 2012

Jean....Artista Vista

I was examining this installation at Artista Vista yesterday when Jean came over and graciously introduced herself. I thought she looked wonderful! Her lovely top, she told me, she purchased in Oaxaca. "It's my favourite city in the world," she said.  The design represents one of the 16 indigenous tribes.  The clothes they make, she says, will last a very long time: she is still wearing another top she bought there in 1976.

As for the installation, I was intrigued: it is a giant rangoli made, in part, of bird seed.  May I confess? I did hope that birds would swarm down upon it while I was there, like a scene from a Hitchcock movie.  Alas, only the good citizens of Columbia were flapping about. Perhaps after we left, the birds descended! To learn more about this rangoli, you can visit the Rangoli Community Project Facebook page.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Outrageous Eyelashes....The Township

I'm not sure how she did this (and I squint a little every time I look at this photograph), but bravo to the young woman for her daring eyewear!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jane....Runaway Runway

Many were dressed in fanciful outfits at the Columbia Design League's Runaway Runway fashion show Saturday evening. Despite the parade of fabulous clothing made from recycled materials,  I believe I remember beautiful Jane's outfit best. She was waiting in line to enter when I happened upon her. Her dress is from Guatemala, the embroidered wrap from Mexico.  "It's my Frida Kahlo look," she told me.

Monday, April 23, 2012

King of the Crown....The Township

Who, indeed, was depicted on this gentleman's jacket? Wonder Woman? Isis? His mother? Or a superheroine unknown to me--or even to the world? Fortunately, the chap was waylaid by a curious reporter.....
 ...and when the jacketed fellow turned around, I was enchanted to see he was the famed "King of the Crown." Suddenly feeling shy in the face of so much dazzle, I did not interrupt the two to inquire in detail about the king's ensemble. I merely took another photo--so that we could marvel at the details on this denim jacket. As I look at it now, I believe I see some sort of Superman logo on his t-shirt. If you have more information to add, I hope you will!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Anna....Runaway Runway

Indeed, the winds did whip up last night as that storm moved through, but we cannot give weather the credit for the fabulous look that pretty Anna is sporting here.  I encountered her in the lobby of The Township Auditorium. She was about to make an appearance at Runaway Runway, the show of fashion made from recycled objects.

I later learned that Anna's look captures four sources of renewable energy.  Her top was made from bamboo (biomass, i.e. things one might burn), her skirt made with old solar panels. The blue cording is wire discarded by a hydroelectric plant. Her hairstyle represents wind power.
Above, a closer look at the hair--and you see the ensemble's designer standing just behind Anna.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tourist....Navigating Oslo

Stripes and boots are a combination I've seen in Columbia--and all about Oslo. The boots, no doubt, help people here navigate the winter weather. The nautical stripes?
 I don't suppose the Vikings wore them.  Should we credit French fishermen for making them popular? Or possibly Ralph Lauren?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pops of Colour....Oslo

I had an afternoon to explore before I launch into my work here in Norway. While my neighbors back home in South Carolina were enjoying gorgeous warm weather, it was a mostly grey Sunday here in Oslo. The day was unexpectedly brightened, however, by the pops of colour the dear Norwegian people were sporting as they strolled about town.  From the National Theater, above.... a bus stop along Oslo's excellent public transportation system.... the roof of the Opera House, which you're invited to walk all over. It's spectacular....
 ...and as it happens, the perfect backdrop for this colour-popping that was going on everywhere.  It seems Southerners in the United Sates are not the only people who appreciate the charm of colour!
Tourists were doing it, sporting colour-popping trousers at the city's ancient fortress, a structure saddled with a name I dare not pronounce--the Akershus.
Young lovers were doing it, at the waterfront....or Aksershusstranda, as it says on my map.  I liked how the stripe on her rain boots matched her jacket.
 Shoppers were popping in the city's center.
And so were the young set over on Karl Johans Gate.  I do hope that dear girl was not planning to skateboard down the roof of the opera house.  I understand that fearless Norwegian youth snowboard there in winter, so I surmise it is a possibility.
Here is a young woman popping a pair of vivid green Chuck Taylor's--footwear that represents two trends I noticed. Indeed, I must do some research to back it up, but I believe that Chucks could make a claim to being the official footwear of Norway.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Caitlyn....Devine Street

I was bicycling along Devine Street when I happened upon a little party at Salty's Board Shop, a newly opened store on Devine Street. The doors were thrown open in such a way that I was certain they intended me to come in. That's where I met darling Caitlyn (or possibly Caitlin; they were serving sangria which plays havoc with my spelling).
Her shirt was my favourite part, a camera-blurring cross of wood grain and zebra.  She told me she'd gotten it at Salty's.  I quizzed her further and she confessed that yes, she sometimes works at the store.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shoes & No Shoes....Salty's on Devine

I snapped a photo of these TOMS shoes last week at the new Salty's Board Shop on Devine, largely because I thought a Vans fan of my acquaintance might admire them.  I post them today because it is the TOMS One Day Without Shoes day.  If you see anyone participating, do snap a photo and send it to me.  (In particular, I'd love to see someone downtown in a suit and no shoes!)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Tracie....Main Street

I greatly enjoy this vivacious woman's style, the way she puts things together and the joy with which she goes about everything.
One of her friends echoed my sentiments and added that he was particularly liking her bold red necklace.
So when she leaned forward, I snapped a slightly closer photo.  (Later when I showed this picture to Tracie, she said it made her look like a baby bird.)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Bonnet Dress....Tapp's Arts Center

I discovered this fascinating ensemble on display at a recent art show.  It took me more than a moment to put it all together.....
 ...for the entire thing was made of baseball caps.  You get the idea in these closer shots of the details--the bills above and the logos below.
It seemed a rather perfect dress to mark Easter, a holiday in which colourful dresses and showy hats have been part of the celebration. Though, truly, when I imagine the story behind this ensemble, I find myself not thinking of Easter bonnets but conjuring up a woman abandoned by a man with a rather obnoxious hat collection.  In my imagination, that woman takes her revenge by slashing and refashioning the caps.
Though I know nothing about the creator(s) of this work or their story, I did find this tag. Perhaps the true story is even better than my fiction!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Michelle....Tapp's Arts Center

This clever darling and I had a fascinating chat, she a fan of verbal jousting and I easily knocked off the figurative horse (not to mention a literal one).  It all began because I was rather taken by her saddle shoes.
Here's another look at the young woman, in which you can see her lovely face....
 ...and here, just a shot of those wonderful shoes.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Jelisa....Urban Tour

I went to Main Street last night, because I'd been told that I could be flashed by a mob of people. It sounded a bit risque to me, I admit, this idea that hundreds of people in trench coats might be revealing a bit too much.  I suppose you will not be shocked to learn that I found no such thing going on at all.  I did, however, meet this darling young woman. We were both touring studios in the basement of the Tapp's Arts Center.  I was quite smitten by her ensemble--colours, stripes, denim jacket, large earrings--and of course, that smile.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Plucky Traveler....Columbia Airport

I can barely manage my steamer trunk on a good day, so I was filled with admiration for this pretty young woman who was negotiating baggage claim on crutches....
...and not leaning on her injury as an excuse to dress poorly.  In fact, quite the opposite--she seemed to be up for making a fashion statement--wearing a one-shouldered maxi dress.  Travelers in pyjama pants, take note! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Trousers....Maple Street

You might call these traffic-stopping trousers, since I did stop traffic at the corner of Devine and Maple so that I could snap a photo from my car.  Wonderful!