Jean....Artista Vista

I was examining this installation at Artista Vista yesterday when Jean came over and graciously introduced herself. I thought she looked wonderful! Her lovely top, she told me, she purchased in Oaxaca. "It's my favourite city in the world," she said.  The design represents one of the 16 indigenous tribes.  The clothes they make, she says, will last a very long time: she is still wearing another top she bought there in 1976.

As for the installation, I was intrigued: it is a giant rangoli made, in part, of bird seed.  May I confess? I did hope that birds would swarm down upon it while I was there, like a scene from a Hitchcock movie.  Alas, only the good citizens of Columbia were flapping about. Perhaps after we left, the birds descended! To learn more about this rangoli, you can visit the Rangoli Community Project Facebook page.


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