Saturday, April 30, 2011

Green Boots....Earth Fare

One of the pleasures of shopping at Earth Fare is to see what this winsome young lady will be wearing. Today, I snuck a photo of her green boots before ducking into the produce department.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Malachi....Artista Vista

I spotted Malachi at the installations on Gervais Street, part of Thursday night's Artista Vista. When I introduced myself, he told me that we'd met before; in fact, I'd photographed him wearing his goggles and top hat outside The Gourmet Shop. I had failed to catch his name then, but one does not forget someone wearing goggles and a top hat, I assure you. I was quite pleased to make his acquaintance again.

I was also pleased to get a close-up of this fascinating charm necklace, each item with its own story, no doubt!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Marquis...Artista Vista

Mr. Marquis Bias is a style consultant, and indeed, is that not the perfect name for a man with his job? I've heard of him for some time, and I follow him on Twitter, but this was my first opportunity to meet the gentleman. A delight! I did like the way he'd loaded up his left arm with bracelets, and also how he'd tucked his trousers into his boots.

We were both perusing a show at the Mad Monkey offices, a display of artful photographs by Tim Gardner, all taken with an iPhone. I do hope I can master even half of Mr. Gardner's technique; as it is, I struggle merely to take my snapshots in focus, as this image attests.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Megan....Earth Fare

I had pedaled over to the market to get a bit of milk when I encountered, to my delight, someone who shares my enthusiasm for riding in style. Pretty Megan looked darling in her ruffled frock and red ballet flats, an outfit made even more appealing when paired with her Gary Fisher step-through bike. I believe she got her bicycle from Outspokin.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Parade....Olympia

Yesterday, I spied this pretty fairy princess shopping for herbs at the All-Local Farmers' Market. It is a wonderful ensemble, a great argument for wearing what you like and letting it go together as it may. I particularly like the striped socks and sparkly shoes. Then, as I was leaving, I encountered another delight....
...cute Anna, wearing bunny ears, arriving to photograph a wedding party at 701 Whaley. She seemed amused by the notion that an amateur wanted to photograph her with his iPhone.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

George & Beth....Main Street

Photographer Molly Harrell sent me images of this fabulous pair. She tells me they had worked on the film "A Highway Called 301," and were at The Nickelodeon to see it. I was immediately taken with Beth's wonderful pants, then Molly added ever more delightful details....
George, it turns out, was wearing a fringed jacket. And Beth was wearing a holster she'd made herself, to carry her lipstick and cell phone.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kevin....Town Theatre

I met this delightful chap just after a screening at the Indie Grits Film Festival. I particularly admired the little touches--the bow tie and the flower on his lapel. The tie, he told me, was something he'd originally worn to an Oxford Ball. The gentleman is a professor at the University of South Carolina, making him the second, no make that the third, well-dressed professor I've encountered this month. A warning to the profession: your rumpled sartorial reputation may be in jeopardy at this rate. (Many thanks to Molly Harrell for taking this photograph!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 April

I've heard entirely too much about how cell phones have made the personal timepiece obsolete. To those who have proclaimed the death of the wristwatch, I offer May's indispensable multi-tasker. When I inquired about the hair-taming items she was carrying on her watch, she replied, "It's a humid day. I've got to be prepared." And so, the Dick Tracy watch lives to tick another day. (Now, if only I could get my hands on a Maxwell Smart shoe phone.)
May was wearing her yellow watch (a watch popular with readers of this blog, I might add) with a boldly-printed dress. The dress was one of two, she told me, that she'd nabbed recently at Oops in Charleston.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lauren....Rugby Striped Maxi

This bold striped maxi dress caught my fancy, as did the free-spirited lass wearing it! I do believe this young woman is named Lauren, though it's entirely possible she told me her dress was by Ralph Lauren (who, of course, has an affinity for classic rugby stripes).

Monday, April 18, 2011

Grant....701 Whaley

I like to turn the camera on photographers from time to time. It's an especial delight to photograph this fellow. I'm rather taken by his sweet old-fashioned fashion sensibility.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Florestine Dresses....Pendleton & Sumter

I was walking along Pendleton Street near the university when the wind whipped up and I saw an adorable young woman struggling to hang onto a rolling rack of dresses. A couple of ladies helped her keep the rack upright before I could dash over to assist. But what was she doing on the street in gale force winds with a rolling rack of dresses? It struck me as peculiar, since this isn't the garment district.
Then I realized these might be the magical Florestine dresses. I was on my way to the Indie Grits festival to see a film about them. Would the actual dresses be there too? Before I could think much longer, a woman wearing the most wonderful dress and shoes crossed the street ahead of me. I scurried to keep up with her.
At the corner, I finally caught a break. She paused, and I discovered that I had been trailing the pretty Laura Kissel, a filmmaker and professor at USC.
Together, we made our way to Town Theatre, where The Florestine Collection was to be screened. Outside, more ladies in dresses....
...including the mother of Helen Hill, the film's maker, on the far right in blue. Such charming frocks, I thought, then went inside to watch several of Ms. Hill's films, including the beguiling Tunnel of Love. I was certain that some of the dresses in the film were the same ones I'd seen on the women outside, Laura's included. Could it be? Indeed it was so, for they asked the women in the audience who were wearing the dresses to stand up.
The dresses were designed and hand sewn by Florestine Kinchen, a New Orleans woman. Ms. Hill had rescued them--more than 100--from a garbage heap. She wanted to know more about the woman, and that inspired her film. If you have the chance to see the film (finished by her husband after Ms. Hill's death) or the dresses, I do recommend you take it.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Union Jack....701 Whaley

As you might imagine, I was rather thrilled to look down and see this pair of shoes on the woman standing next to me. I was even more charmed when she spoke and I heard the accent of my native country.

Like the American flag, the Union Jack turns up in fashion routinely. These shoes won my heart, in part, because of the heart incorporated into the design.

The darling woman wearing them could not have been more agreeable, simply a delight, a credit to accent, flag and country. I do hope I encounter her again, perhaps this evening when I will again be attending the Indie Grits Film Festival. I must see those Florestine dresses.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Reno....Indie Grits

I was waiting to see a film by Tom Hall at the Indie Grits festival when I made the acquaintance of this bold chap. I do wish I'd had my jotter with me to record his side of our dialogue; Reno uttered more than one script-worthy line. I was also intrigued by his tattoos.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Karen....Indie Grits

Karen came to opening night of the Indie Grits Film Festival wearing this marvelous floral flock--made of paper! The dress seemed familiar and it was: I had seen it last year on the runway at Runaway Runway, the recycled fashion show.
Doesn't she look lovely? Runaway Runway is on again this year, on April 29. I hear the designer of the dress--Tom Chinn-has another entry in the works.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Joe....Mills Courthouse

I was gazing out the window, trying to pin down the spot in Camden where Andrew Jackson was once imprisoned, when I was startled by a deep voice: "Pardon me, sir, but I believe you know my wife." Dear reader, many a duel has begun with a line such as this, and I took no comfort when I reeled around and encountered a fit, handsome man uttering it.

"Indeed?" I responded, hoping my voice wouldn't crack. And indeed, it turned out that Joe is married to my darling friend May. May had often mentioned a husband, but since I'd never met the chap, I had begun to suspect that he was a fiction, concocted by pretty May to keep old men such as me at arm's length.
I did like Joe's vivid yellow tie very much, and if you'll look just to the left of his iced tea, you'll see that it's the same yellow as May's distinctive rubberized watch.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was entranced by this woman's pretty trapeze dress in what I think of as a modern eyelet.  Certainly, I've seen many women fail to make a dress like this work....
...and find that gladiator-like sandals can be just dreadful on some women....but Namie was wearing it all just right, I thought...
...managing to look both sophisticated and whimsical, the silk scarf with an abstract print adding a bit of colour.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mary....Rosewood Market

It must have seemed a wee bit foolish to others in the parking lot--an old man pushing a grocery cart, scurrying after this young woman and calling "konnichiwa"--but something about her look did remind me of a Japanese princess. I've seen Mary before and have always been intrigued by her style. It's fun to think about how she does it; after all, she's donned a basic black skirt and top for a run to the market, yet she looks storybook worthy, indeed.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Partygoers....Holly Hedge

As soon as I arrived at Holly Hedge, a lovely estate in Camden, I happened upon Tasa, who was wearing this wonderful long striped taffeta skirt. I always admire this woman's style--elegant and unfussy--and she was perfectly attired for this outdoor cocktail party, followed by dinner in a spacious hall on the grounds.

Tasa is married to my old friend Reid, who was sporting a festive straw topper.....and who was, of course, exhorting me about something, I know not what....oh yes, that the American court system should replace its gavels with hatchets, I believe. Mentioned a chap named Daniel Boone. But let's move on...
Katie was the picture of a lady.....
....while Lester had on an amusing flamingo tie. I asked him if he happened to be from Florida, but no, he hails from Athens, Georgia.
I next complimented this woman on her lovely top and asked if she hailed from Asia. She reached up and whisked my sunglasses from my face. Then, in the fading light, I was able to discern that I was speaking to my friend Harriet. I confess, I blushed.
While my eyesight might have failed me then, I could readily see that Holly Hedge is a lovely and fascinating property. I was later told it had been home to the inventor of Jello, though I am still trying to confirm that. If you have information, do let me know!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Professor Cargill....Mills Courthouse

Like the robin, the seersucker suit is a traditional sign that spring has sprung. I thought this retired University of South Carolina chemistry professor looked handsome in his. Professor Cargill donned it to participate in a lively debate at the historic Robert Mills Courthouse in Camden on Friday.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Yes, even an old fellow like myself has a touch of vanity about his complexion. That's why I made a stop at Pout on Devine Street today, where pretty Cille came to my rescue. I was so taken with her glorious floral blouse that I nearly forgot why I came in (and forgive me for saying, but it takes quite a lot to make one forget these age spots!). Note the details on the shoulder, the careful pleating just below the neckline--and I do wish you could see the richness of the fabric. She found this wonderful item last year, she told me, at Pout's sister store, Van Jean.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ashley....Almost Taking Flight

Darling, petite Ashley and I were chatting about bicycles, barbecue and how important it is to have elastic in one's clothing on these windy days when a strong breeze swept in.....
 ....and instinctively, Ashley assumed the hand positions of The Flying Nun.  Perhaps the swirling pattern on her blouse was an omen.  Thank goodness she did not have on that flying nun hat, though, or we might still be chasing her down Millwood Avenue.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jeanine....Old Shandon

This attractive woman and her lively pup were taking a Sunday evening stroll, and they made an utterly charming pair. I particularly liked Jeanine's long dress, and the way she had knotted it at the hem.