Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Traveler....Columbia Airport

I arrived at the Columbia Airport on Thanksgiving Day, returning from a quick jaunt south of the border.  While waiting for my trunk, I admired this woman's combination--a lush, furry coat and over-the-knee suede boots--finding it to be a most appealing travel costume. 
Yes, dear reader, while you were roasting your native bird and such, I was returning from a brief research mission to Mexico. Among my fascinating discoveries were these bar stools at my hotel's tequila bar--actual Western-style saddles. You might find the horn very useful if you are tempted to over-sample the local spirits. Do I say this from experience? Or perhaps from observation?
Back home in time to enjoy a delicious turkey dinner provided by a thoughtful friend, I ventured out for a walk later to offset my intake and discovered that there may indeed be royalty in the neighborhood--a rather British notion on an all-American day.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sisters....701 Whaley

While attending a party for Jasper Magazine, I was delighted to see a gorgeous woman in this bold striped dress.  But dare I trust my aged eyes?  Two? A lucky night, you must agree! These beauties are sisters and as it turns out, I had featured both Lorrie (left) and Ashleigh (right) on this blog before.  The dears encouraged me to make an appointment with a chap called Dr. Sketchy, though I insisted that I am perfectly well.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Shopper....A Curious Accessory

I've grown accustomed to seeing people shop with dogs in tow; indeed, today I spied a woman shopping alongside her Great Dane.  But this was new to me: a woman shopping with her bird.  It was delightful, really. When she needed to free her hand, she'd simply set the little fellow on her shoulder.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sandra....Harden Street

If only every quest to purchase office supplies were this fruitful. And if only you could see beautiful Sandra in motion. I was mesmerized by the way this wrap and dress flowed. (I hope her iPad problem had a cheerful resolution!)

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Mix....711 Whaley

Fashion magazines are always making a fuss about the mix--by which they usually mean pairing a Prada skirt (or the like) with a t-shirt from Target.  It all seems rather less-than-inspired when one compares it to the mix orchestrated by this young woman. What to make of this ensemble--a lumberjack's shirt, a shiny skirt, and violet plimsolls--other than to say viva la mix!  Not only was I delighted by her melange, but I was also thoroughly charmed by her pretty auburn braids.  (Try saying "auburn braids" aloud three times, dear reader, and I believe you will hit upon a new tongue twister!)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ginger....All-Local Farmers' Market

If you've ever ventured over to the All-Local Farmers' Market, perhaps you've noticed the fun-loving crowd that gathers on the veranda to sip bubbly. On occasion, I am fortunate enough to be invited to join them.  Saturday I noticed that Ginger, who always looks splendid, had paired a sheer lace dress with modest black top, leggings and boots.  Her handsome rascal of a husband told me she had hand-crocheted the dress--which caused Ginger to laugh heartily.
Once she'd regained her composure, she confessed to me: the dress was an inexpensive item she'd picked up at "one of those stores that caters to young girls."  I tip my hat to her for making an excellent selection!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sally....Nana Bags

It made perfect sense to me that the designer behind Nana would be a winsome young woman, and her coat with the ruffled placket was nearly as adorable as she--and her bags.
Sally displays a knack for combining colour and pattern that made me wish I had enough style and confidence to carry one of these bags myself.  Instead, I found myself purchasing one for my old chum Millicent....
 Meanwhile, Sally told me that she had not hand-sewn her jacket--but rather purchased it from Urban Threads in Five Points.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Curious Pup....Florence

I am at last headed home after a rather long-ish series of trips and quite eager to spend some time in Columbia.  As I sit in the White Plains, New York, airport I have been reviewing some photos--and came across one I took nearly a month ago that I still find amusing. This insouciant Italian dog rather reminded me of that all-American canine, Spuds McKenzie.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Traveling Feet....Here, There, Everywhere

Work has required more than a bit of travel lately, and I've found myself in a bit of quandary when it comes to footwear. Do I choose style over comfort, as is my wont? Or do I show my poor feet a bit of mercy? I found myself looking at others' shoes in an effort to refine my approach. Above, you see a pair of charming yet sensible shoes that I spied trodding upon the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.
And here, a rather smart pair of two-toned brogues, worn by a gentleman on an airport shuttle in Philadelphia.
Indeed, the sneaker has been a standby for many an American traveler, and though I've shunned them in days gone by, I may have to reconsider. Above, you see a woman (who happens to live in Columbia!) riding the water taxi in Baltimore; I notice she'd smartened hers by pairing them with a blazer and snappy green phone cover.
And here, a young man from the Ukraine, napping on our train trip across Italy, looking rather fresh with his Addidas striped tennies.

I also encountered an American gentleman (and South Carolina resident) who'd toured three countries--Italy, Kenya, and the United Arab Emirates--crediting his complete comfort to his shoes, a brand called Keen. He also swore that no matter where he went, people stared at his shoes, as if they were the oddest footwear they'd ever seen.