Tuesday, February 25, 2014


A handsome, well-dressed man striding through the airport caught my eye, initially because of the jaunty plaid baseball cap he was sporting.
Upon second look, I realized it was South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn.  The cap was quite smart, not only in the sartorial sense.  It was snowing in our destination, Washington, D.C.  Indeed, would that I had had such a cap myself.

As I suppose Mr. Clyburn to be, I, too, am in our nation's capital about serious political matters, namely a piece of research I'm developing on lapel pins.  They're quite the thing here, these little badges....and I wonder how the practice began.  If you have any insight, do let me know.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Record Breakers....Convention Center

Yesterday's record-breaking heat reminded me: one week ago, I had been trudging through the snow in our bipolar city and had grabbed a snapshot of this sign celebrating the new Guinness World Record for most bow ties tied at one time.  And of course, given that my mind is as knotted up as a bow tie, I remembered that I had a few photos of that record-breaking day that I should post here.
As I wandered the Columbia convention center among the 800+ participants, there was no shortage of handsome chaps.  Still, these gentlemen stood out, looking spectacular as they waited for the world record attempt.
And here...wonderfully Southern gingham shirts....on what I take to be son and father.  I like to think they will delight relatives over Thanksgiving Dinner with tales of their contribution to bow tie history, for decades to come.
This smart woman, tie completed, looked the very picture of a world record holder.  Well done!
And this winning foursome....who caused me to wonder if there is a merit badge for bow tying....or perhaps for Guinness World Record attempts.

Indeed, given the weather ups and downs we've endured since, it seems this event took place years ago.  In fact, our city's held the record for less than two weeks.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weather Whiplash....Around Town

What to make, dear reader, of these weather extremes? I believe the people pictured above have the right idea.  Just go with it.
Of course, it's easier to go with it when you have electricity and a charming bake shop within walking distance of your abode.  I thought Southerners held up rather well in this unusual weather, sartorially speaking.
Last week was a particularly good one for showing off colour....as seen here from my grocery cart cam.  My photo might have been less blurred had I not been racing this glorious woman to the bread aisle, yelling "age before beauty, my dear." 
Snow even showed the resort wear and palms at the local Lilly Pulitzer shoppe to best advantage.
To think I successfully navigated this treacherous terrain without a single spill....then dislocated my ancient spine where?  In a gentle yoga class for senior citizens, no less.  I do hope to be up and out, taking fresh photos soon.  In the meantime, if you see anyone looking fabulous, feel free to send a picture my way.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Coco....A Snowy Day

When snow falls, we older gents are not the only ones who struggle to stay on our feet, it seems. Once I'd determined this young lady was still breathing, I snapped a photo. I liked the pop of neon piping against the white.  She assured me she had not fallen but was preparing to create something called a snow angel.