Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Karen....Denim & Pewter

Here's a little secret of fashion anthropology: if you lurk at the top of a staircase long enough, you'll eventually be rewarded with something worth documenting. In this case, though the lighting a bit dim, I managed to capture the leggy, lovely Karen and make a connection to jewelry designer Alexis Bittar.
Karen was sporting a bracelet and earrings by the designer, both gifts from her sister Lisa....who happens to work in Manhattan for Alexis himself.
Karen says she owes most of her outfit, actually, to her sister's good eye--jeans by Paige, ruffled camisole and skinny belt from J. Crew--though Karen found the shoes on her own, at Target.

A true sport, Karen allowed me to photograph various parts of her ensemble for my research, though she may not have realized that I also captured this part...
....solely to document the pocket style of course, dear reader. I am, first, a scientist but always a gentleman.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Le Tour....de France

I owe an apology or perhaps, at least, an explanation for my absence. No dear reader, I have not been hiking the Appalachian Trail. Nor the Appian Way, for that matter. I have been following Le Tour de France (or as commentator Bob Roll calls it La Tour Day Frants).

I have not followed the tour from the roadsides of France, mind you, but from dear deceased Aunt Dahlia's library/media room. At first, I was content to perch on her Chesterfield sofa, transfixed by the action on her 54-inch telly. But after several days as a sofa pomme de terre, I donned my Bermuda shorts, set up my trusty Raleigh on this training contraption, and started pedaling alongside my new chums George Hincapie and Lance.

Between racing several hours and spending the rest of the day recovering by way of naps and Old Fashioneds, I've had little time for fashion anthropology...or anything else. I have noticed, however, on my way to restock my Old Fashioned supplies, that a number of older men are cycling about town as if they are professional racers. They wear stretchy shorts and snug shirts covered with logos. And I wonder if you know--are there truly racing teams for the over the hill gang? And if so, how might I sign up?

By the by, Le Tour concludes this weekend...and I shall be back to work. Unless of course, someone can steer me to a pro team for the 70+ set. In which case, I may be back in training.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4....South of the Border

I understand that South of the Border is one of America's top roadside attractions...and it certainly does attract, quite the crowd. As best I could document, it mostly attracts families clad in overlarge t-shirts and well-worn flip flops (not that there's anything wrong with that).

I did find one nattily dressed young girl, who was on a journey to visit her aunt. She tells me her cell phone is her favourite accessory.