Thursday, May 23, 2013

That Teowonna....Saluda's

I am a fan of That Teowonna!, a blog written by this Teowonna, a woman who thrills me with her boldness and sense of humor. She looked marvelous in this orange polka dotted dress, which she told me her mother had sewn for her.  Teowonna and I chatted about the once-again-popular peplum, or as she prefers to call it (as do I, now), a flounce.  Our reason for bumping into one another? We were both there to meet style coach Mr. Brian Maynor.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lace 'n' Boots....Haiku Columbia

I quite liked what this young woman had going on....the long lace vest, short floral dress, and the no-nonsense boots to anchor it all.  I encountered her at a booth where people were invited to concoct 17 syllables of verse about our fair city.  I see that the Haiku Columbia folk are counting my humble lines among their favourites...and (as they've taught me to say here) dang, I'm honored, indeed.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Colourful Cap....Soda City

While shopping at the Soda City market on Main Street this morning, I was delighted by this woman's unusual cap. Quite striking.....
Here's another look.  I believe I understood her to say that she'd purchased it from a vendor at the market.

I came home from the market with a lovely bouquet of blooms from Floral & Hardy and delicious fresh roasted beans from Indah Coffee. I promptly brewed my coffee and enjoyed it in this mug, painted for me by this chap.  The mug would look quite handsome wearing the hat, don't you think?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Beachcomber....Carolina Coast

I was taken with this classic blue-white-and-wicker beachcombing ensemble--and was trying to sneak up for a photo.  Alas, I quite startled (some might even say annoyed) this woman, for which I do apologize.  Nevertheless, it was a sunny breezy day by the ocean, something which we both agreed we found quite pleasant.

Another startle--and this one for me--is that this makes my 701st post on this blog, at least according to that ticker gadget on the "dashboard".  Rather something, it seemed to me, for a chap who's been called a Luddite (among other things, of course).

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bicycle Style....Florence

Just back from a jaunt to Florence, Italy, where I happened across this charming woman on a bicycle.  Put me in mind of some of Columbia's fashionable cyclists.  It's quite the thing to get around by bike in Florence....almost as prevalent, I'd venture, as gelato and....

 ...this fellow, who seems to be everywhere. (To be clear, I mean the fellow on the pedestal, not the chap in the foreground.)  Indeed, had I such a physique, I suppose I might be everywhere, too.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Maxi Dresses & Dandies.....Here and There

I've noticed that more and more female travelers seem to favor the maxi dress--which is sensible, I suppose--but not always stylish.  I thought this woman, however, was wearing the long length with loads of style and making it seem effortless, at that. I spied her on Columbia's Main Street last Saturday.

I am indeed traveling at the moment and ran across the item below in an Air France magazine.  My French brain was disengaged--and on first read,  I believed it to be an article about gout becoming fashionable.
Then, I realized it was referencing taste....and that the article was championing an exhibit at the Rhode Island School of Design about my favorite fashion archetype, the dandy.

Bon voyage, long-skirted ladies and dandily-dressed gents! I do hope you retrieve your luggage more speedily than I have.  For yes, I am wearing the same outfit for a third day and doing my part to launch senior citizen grunge.  Dare I say, it is a look.  Perhaps not one you care to adopt, but nevertheless.....