Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Otis....Far From Home

Could it be? I cleaned and returned my monocle to my right eye. Indeed, the pose was unmistakable. My favourite music writer was, in fact, sitting in Starbucks in this remote corner of eastern North Carolina.  It's always a delight to bump into acquaintances from home when one is traveling, no? He was on his way to a family gathering, and I was visiting a farm family I got to know last Christmas during the blizzard of 2010.  Otis, who has built a signature look on hoodies and Vans, told me he rarely wears red t-shirts--so I took note.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Jean....Gift Wrapped

Jean looked as pretty as the package she was holding, in fact, prettier by my estimation. The woman has a wonderful, whimsical style--which I've captured before for this blog.

On this evening, she was perfectly adorable....right down to her red velvet clogs.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jolly Elves....Hagood Street

One must admit there are benefits that come with wearing a red and white suit--chief among them, the opportunity to have a dish of a blonde sit on your knee and whisper her fondest wishes into your ear.  Oh my. 
The jolly old elf arrived at the party a few nights ago, accompanied by this pretty young elf--who looked very helpful in her green frock and red platform pumps. I do hope Santa and his staff found you and yours well this season. Cheers!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trace....701 Whaley

I have long admired Trace's striking good looks and her fashion sensibility. Last night, I was able to persuade her to strike a little pose for me, in order to capture for you this tunic from Singapore and scarf from Bali.  Her ensemble was a veritable small world, no?  And she a good sport, to boot.
Trace also wanted me to see her bag, made entirely of hardware. It's from Hardwear by Renee.
It's quite extraordinary, down to its wooden base.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sean....New Brookland Tavern

Apologies to any and all who had to wait for their ales on my account last night. Sean was working behind the bar at New Brookland Tavern, and I dearly wanted a photo of his fringed jacket.  Thank you, sir. The jacket is marvelous, no?

What is an older gentleman such as myself doing at a tavern on a Monday night, you are justified in wondering. Indeed, a charming young chap had asked me to attend a concert by, I thought I heard him say, Kristi Yamaguchi.  Who knew the skater could sing?  It was, however, another example of why my friends have urged me to get an ear horn.  I was going to hear Rachel Yamagata--and she was quite good. In fact, I am her newest ardent fan--though I have no idea if she can ice skate.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Anna....Five Points

With her boots and ethereal top, I thought this darling young woman was the very picture of bohemian chic. (It is a style, by the way, that I adore, for reasons associated with my days as a rapscallion, which I might be willing to discuss were you to treat me to an Old Fashioned).  How appropriate, it turns out, that she works at the boutique named "Bohemian" in Five Points.
She graciously held her arms out so that I could capture the shape of this tunic.  Then, to my further delight, she revealed that she and her Bohemian colleagues are regular readers of this humble blog. What an honour for me, indeed!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Janet....Devine Street

I met this beautiful, merry woman inside HoFP Gallery on Devine Street. We were both participating in the annual holiday stroll.  Janet's whimsical hat delighted me, as did the "under the sea" theme at the gallery, where owner Alice Perritt had outdone herself. One employee was dressed as a jellyfish, wearing a many-tentacled hat I'd like to own myself.  Upstairs, a decidedly fit young man was posing as scantily clad King Neptune.  And all around, the most wonderful fish sculptures by this artist--the reason, I believe, for the evening's theme.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Shopper....Earth Fare

What fun to look up from that blasted debit card swiping contraption and discover this lovely lady in line behind me. If I understood correctly, she had been part of a Christmas musical ensemble--and does not dress this way every day, alas.  (A rather delightful dash for groceries all around, I must say. I also discovered that now both Earth Fare and The Gourmet Shop are stocking one of my favourite American-made cheeses.)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Floral & Stripe....All-Local Farmers' Market

This enchanting sprite inspired coos of delight from the women I was seated amongst.  One of them noted and I agree: "She looks darling, and I'm sure she gets her sense of style from her mother."

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tom....701 Whaley

I bumped into charming Tom Chinn at the All-Local Farmers' Market yesterday. He was reluctant to be photographed, saying he'd just rolled out of bed and tossed something on.  I thought he looked marvelous, perfectly attired for Saturday morning errands--and my admiration increases this morning as I loll about on my plush new mattress, an aptly named "Heavenly Bed." Indeed, at this moment,  just being dressed and out at all on a weekend morning strikes me as the height of ambition!  I believe I will stay put and finish reading Crossing the Heart of Africa, a fascinating account of the rather ambitious Ewart Grogan, who walked across Africa in the early 1900s.