Friday, December 24, 2010

I Spy....Animal Print

With the holiday season well upon us, I find that I've taken my fair share of photos that are difficult to explain. This one, however, gave me the opportunity to indulge in one of my favourite fantasies--that of being a dashing, clever spy. I always love it in spy flicks when the fellow wearing the dinner jacket looks at a photo, then says to the sweater-clad computer genius, "Zoom in on that. Now enhance it. Aha!"

Which is what I did with the photo above (and though I was wearing a dinner jacket had to do the zooming myself, alas)....aha!....
...I discovered this smashing looking woman, wearing a wonderful coat--and a matching pair of booties. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Laurin....Holiday Market

I bumped into this lovely young lady at a special holiday edition of the All-Local Farmers' Market. I'd gone there expressly to purchase a sack of the extraordinary fresh-roasted Indah coffee for my Christmas morning breakfast (my traditional feast, which also includes kippered herring). Laurin's ensemble struck me as perfect for shopping on a balmy evening; I particularly liked the shoes. As I eavesdropped on her conversation, I believe I heard her say she might be starting up a new blog sometime soon.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lorie....Motor Supply

The best part of the holiday season, I do believe, is not the figgy pudding but the fizzy beverages one feels compelled to consume at various Christmas luncheons. I joyously imbibed, then persuaded my friend to pose in her newest ensemble: sweater, trousers, bag, and even her earrings were procured on a recent trip to Barcelona. Feliz Navidad, indeed. (I might add, she was mistaken by one onlooker for a well-known Columbia dancer. Excellent posture plus prosecco, I dare say.)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Jeffrey....The Ultimate Accessory

Given the gentleman's choice of belt and eyewear, you might peg him for an accessory fiend, and indeed, he confessed as much. The scion of a Manning, South Carolina, automobile dealership family, Jeffery rather naturally believes that the car is the ultimate accessory, and that the Bentley is the ultimate of ultimates. (Or should one say the ne plus plus ultra?)

I was, of course, too young and too poor to be one of the famed "Bentley Boys." But, oh, how I admired their style--especially that of the dashing and tragic Clive Dunfee, who raced cars and married the glorious actress Jane Baxter. What a brief but thrilling life was his.

Meanwhile, Manning, you may recall, is the home of a man who briefly popularized another thrilling fashion item....the family reunion t-shirt.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010 December

While I waited to purchase a bag of crisps at this so-called convenience mart, I admired the palette of tan and cream sported by the young lady ahead of me in the queue. Once outdoors, I realized that the woman was my pal May. Indeed, we seem to bump into one another at locales around the country. Does she fear that I am stalking her? Or perhaps, I should dare to dream that she is stalking me!  (It's marvelous how we old gents can somehow keep our foolish hopes young and spry even as the rest of us is sagging.)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Babs....Travelers Rest

Indeed, I have no idea who this woman is...but her cap reminded me of the one donned by Barbra Streisand for the role of Judy Maxwell in the charming movie "What's Up, Doc?".

It was a chilly day for travelers--and for rest stops, too. The woman above I encountered in South Carolina. And below, at a second stop in Georgia, I met this fellow....
I inquired if he happened to be on his way home from the Great White North...but shockingly, he'd only been as far north as North Carolina.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Molly....A Lucky Tag Sale

When I saw my friend's camouflage pants, I wondered if she might have taken up hunting. I was, after a fashion, correct in my hunch. She'd been on a yard sale safari (though I'm not entirely sure how the camouflage would help one blend in). Knowing my passion for collecting Hello Kitty items, she told me she'd bagged a prize I really had to see.
This Hello Kitty stuffed dolly is also a bank! And Molly purchased it for just one dollar, lucky girl. A photographer by trade, Molly was more excited about the box of picture frames she'd found for a bargain. And where was this tag sale extravaganza taking place? At Swiftwater Beads on Rosewood Drive.