Sunday, December 29, 2013

Layers & Texture....Main Street

I enjoyed the way this woman had assembled her ensemble...all the textures, of course, and also the touches of yellow in hat and shoes.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Flowers & Knits....Soda City

I spied this charming and festive woman while I was Christmas shopping at the Soda City Market Saturday (though with the holiday bustle that's ensued, it seems that was weeks ago rather than merely days).
At least part of her look--the hat and gloves--could be purchased.  Above you see a closer look at the gloves, trimmed with flowers. The whole thing was quite romantic, no?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wade & Erin....Soda City Market

Perhaps the best part of the Christmas season is the chance to see people one adores who have moved away.  Erin, on the left, has been living in Washington, D.C., and I was delighted to see her in Columbia and also pleased to see her looking chic in one of my favourite colour combinations--grey and orange. Erin's home for the holidays.....and arm in arm with her old friend, Wade, who insisted that he show the back of his jacket rather than his handsome mug.
Here's a closer shot of the jacket, which Wade tells me is very rare.  Wade snagged his while working on a film about the Jam Room.  While I was chatting with these two, another adorable young woman appeared, dear Malia, home for a visit from the grand city of New York.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

4 Questions For....Hip Wa Zee

If Hip Wa Zee on Harden Street is my mini-museum of 20th century fashion, then co-owner Kellie Rego is one of its curators.  As for shaping the city's fashion sensibility, she surely deserves credit for making our look more fun every day--and her store is a top source for costumes at every season. Above, you see the Hip Wa Zee family in their Christmas sweaters. That's Ms. Rego in the bottom right corner and below, looking quite pretty in yet another Christmas sweater.

Ms. Rego (or do I risk being fresh and call her Kellie?) shops for these sweaters all year in order to stock the store with hundreds and hundreds of them. I stopped by to chat with her when I was researching the status of "ugly Christmas sweaters," and she answered my 4 Questions (and without once rolling her eyes, the dear):

1. What qualities make a Christmas sweater Hip Wa Zee worthy?
Bells, three dimensional characters, sparkle and timeless spirit.

2. I’d thought Christmas sweater parties might be a passing fancy. Perhaps I was wrong. Where is Columbia in this craze? Has the trend peaked?
That's  one trend Columbia is definitely into. It's surprisingly irresistible, contagious even. You see your friends in what looks like a scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and you just want to join in...dressed like Cousin Eddie, of course. Dickie and all. No, I can't see the peak from here.
3. On what occasion might you wear a Christmas sweater non-ironically?
Non-ironically? What do you mean?

4. I overheard a lady insist that snowman sweaters are more practical than Santa sweaters, because one might wear a snowman sweater all winter long. Thoughts?
Hmm, Santa vs Frosty. Tough call. I can see her point but for some reason that just brought to mind my favorite type of snow globe from Florida, a melted snow man. Now that's a sweater I'd like to see!

You'll find more of my musings about the Christmas sweater here.  Perhaps that's as enticing as  finding lumps of coal in the old stocking--so let me throw in that you'll also find more amusing sweater photos there, as well.

And I'm a bit curious about you, dear reader. Will you be wearing a Christmas sweater? And what's your stand on the snowman-sweater-after-Christmas proposition?

PS: I discovered this article in The Wall Street Journal about ugly Christmas sweaters. They claim to have identified something new this year.... an oddball trend.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Brassieres & Bow Ties....Crafty Feast

Ah, the human imagination.....'tis a wonderful thing, well celebrated yesterday at Crafty Feast.  Above you see what I take to be a modern interpretation of the breastplate, a chainmail brassiere of sorts to protect, as they say, "the girls". The craftsperson behind this work uses bicycle parts as her material, so it is in fact chainmail made of bicycle chains.  Brilliant! Do let me know if you see anyone sporting this about town!
Thinking a metal brassiere might not quite suit an old gent, I opted for a handmade bow tie from local designer Titanic Alley.  You may be aware that I'm a bit of an enthusiast for the label. Seems I'm not alone. By the time I'd arrived at their booth, they'd already sold quite a few.
Here, two handsome men sporting the ties....Paul at left, whose taste I quite admire....and Russell on the right, the chap behind Titanic Alley.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sweater Shopping....Hip Wa Zee

These two were shopping for what many insist on calling "ugly Christmas sweaters".  While they (meaning the sweaters) might not be my cup of tea, I see no reason to be judgmental. The young women, of course, were perfectly adorable. I do hope they enjoyed their knitwear-themed party.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Victorian Carolers....Mast General

I was delighted to encounter this caroling foursome charmingly clad in Victorian costume.  They call themselves The Carillon Carolers, and they look to be straight out of a Dickens Christmas tale.

Meanwhile, a tip of my top hat to Trustus Theater, whose version of Scrooge landed them in The New York Times. (If you check out the article, I've been told that 52 is the magic number.)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Aaron....Hip Wa Zee

A visit yesterday to Hip Wa Zee was highly informative. Among other things, I learned that tonight is a very big night for Christmas sweater parties around town. The store had experienced a run on sweaters in the last 24 hours.
 Aaron, a handsome and good-natured chap, agreed to model a sweater for me....
According to Kellie Rego, co-owner of Hip Wa Zee, men are big customers and want their Christmas sweaters to include, she says, "literally all the bells and whistles."
No jingle bells on this knit vest, but Aaron did top of his sweater with the Dreadlocks Santa hat.  I found myself smiling with the so-called spirit of the season. Perhaps it's time to indulge in some literal spirits of the season, a bit of eggnog and rum, no?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Balmy Day....Camden

I encountered this handsome young man at one of my favourite spots in Camden, the charming Broad Street Books.  I thought his attire perfect for summery weather on a December day.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lucky....Bow Tie To-Do

This good-looking fellow may well be the bow tie king of the internet and, as officially announced today, may soon preside over a bow tie world record effort.  Lucky, who works for Brittons on Devine, is part of the store's attempt on February 9 to break the Guinness record for most bow ties tied at one time.

They announced their plans at a news conference. You can read about it here....though I humbly suggest that I, a lowly fashion anthropologist, may well have gotten the scoop. If you're inclined to use the Twitter, you can keep tabs on the event @tieustogether.