Monday, May 31, 2010

Faith....Saluda Shoals

When I emerged from my conveyance in the parking lot of Saluda Shoals Park, I was expecting to see uniformed rangers, or even an Elizabethan ruff or two (since I was there for Shakespeare in the park). What an unexpected treat to encounter this darling young lady.

Faith told me she's a lover of Japanese fashion. I believe she said, specifically, the styles Lolita and Harajuku (though with my hearing you can never tell. She might be a lover of hairy judo instead). From hat to Power Rangers t-shirt to shoes, the course of true love in this case doth appear to run smooth.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bride....Central Park

It's been a momentous day for my dear friend Elizabeth. At the Columbia Metropolitan Airport this morning, she overcame her lifelong fear of flying and boarded a plane for New York. (I am beside myself with happiness for her accomplishment!)

Upon safe arrival, she headed to Central Park, not to be married, but to discover a bride carrying a smoking bouquet also known as a cigarette. She sent me this photograph. It reminds me of my stint as a wardrobe adviser for that miniseries filmed in Charleston, North and South. (That is where, by the way, I first encountered actress Lesley-Anne Down, who at present plays the exquisite Jacqueline on my guilty post-luncheon pleasure).

On the North and South set, I found it a tad jarring to observe the "southern belle" extras standing about in hoop skirts, smoking cigarettes between scenes. Perhaps, both then and now, I should be exclaiming: "you've come a long way baby!" And yet. And yet....I fear that those are not flame retardant satin gloves.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Katie....At The Nick

A note to moviegoers--when one looks perfectly adorable, one should expect to be waylaid in the lobby by one's neighborhood fashion anthropologist. Katie and I were both at The Nickelodeon to see Chloe, a fascinating film that reminded me of my new favourite blog: Unhappy Hipsters. Do check out both the film and the blog, and let me know if you agree!

Katie, on the other hand--in her denim jacket, print dress, and gold ankle-wrap sandals--appeared exceedingly happy. A pleasure to meet you, dear!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 May

May brought a burst of cheery colour to my overcast day with her bold striped dress, teal sweater, and yellow bag. I fear I did not return the favour. She was in a bit of a hurry, a sick child waiting for her at home. I scurried over with my camera and blocked her path. "Lord, you are testing me," she said--and I know full well she did not mean the gentleman upstairs.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sarah...."While You Were Out"

Though I am curious to see this mavericky lady in person, I seem destined to miss her as if, well--as if we were two mushers passing in the night. (You'd think the barking of dogs might tip us off, no?) At any rate, I was out of town last week but am fortunate that a reader sent me a few snapshots from Ms. Palin's appearance on the South Carolina Statehouse steps.
The reader expressed disappointment: he had been hoping she'd wear a leather suit. I, however, find myself intrigued by her jewelry collection, which aside from the flag pin, did not seem predictable at all. I wonder, in fact, if that is a Hello Kitty bracelet on her left arm. (My heart would be so warmed if it were. My poor H.K. could use the endorsement!) The photo quality is such that I cannot tell. Perhaps you know?
I also wonder if the lady has inspired the rise (no pun intended) of The Bumpit.

PS: I have since discovered on Brad Warthen's blog that Ms. Palin was also wearing a rather uplifting pair of shoes.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Yes, I know that look. I'm on the receiving end of it quite often, usually just after I utter the words, "Pardon me, I am a fashion anthropologist." I am not deterred, as you well know--particularly when I might have the chance to add another seersucker suit to my photo files.

"You've got to get the bow tie," Ed said, quickly getting into the spirit of the thing.

He insisted on straightening it.....

Perfection at last. And a couple of notes: Seersucker Thursday, that fine tradition in the U.S. Congress, is coming up in June. And I understand that a company in Charleston is making seersucker jeans. You can find them at a new boutique in The Vista on Lincoln Street called De Libel.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Angela....Zoe's Downtown

Forget the promise of a fresh lunch. I was smitten by the fresh green palate this striking woman was sporting. Angela told me that yes, she likes green, and added, "I hear this is supposed to be the colour for summer." The eye-catching dress she found in Atlanta, "at Ross," she said with a can-you-believe-it shrug.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Alina....Main Street

I adored pretty Alina's bold look--the large-scaled sunglasses, turquoise ring and print dress. Pest that I am, I interrupted both her lunch and her phone conversation to inquire: the dress is from Ann Taylor, the ring Target.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eileen....T-shirts Reimagined

One last photograph from my Runaway Runway adventure last Friday. Darling Eileen was not part of the fashion show on the stage, but nevertheless, shared the spirit of it: she made her skirt with old t-shirts she purchased for 50 cents on the pound. Her top seems to be another t-shirt, reshaped into a one-shoulder wrap around. Even the rose, I believe, is made of t-shirt scraps.

Eileen told me she was planning to stitch up more skirts and sell them at Sid & Nancy in Five Points. A charming way, perhaps, to make something of regrettable souvenirs? I fancy a kilt made of "and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" shirts.