Sarah...."While You Were Out"

Though I am curious to see this mavericky lady in person, I seem destined to miss her as if, well--as if we were two mushers passing in the night. (You'd think the barking of dogs might tip us off, no?) At any rate, I was out of town last week but am fortunate that a reader sent me a few snapshots from Ms. Palin's appearance on the South Carolina Statehouse steps.
The reader expressed disappointment: he had been hoping she'd wear a leather suit. I, however, find myself intrigued by her jewelry collection, which aside from the flag pin, did not seem predictable at all. I wonder, in fact, if that is a Hello Kitty bracelet on her left arm. (My heart would be so warmed if it were. My poor H.K. could use the endorsement!) The photo quality is such that I cannot tell. Perhaps you know?
I also wonder if the lady has inspired the rise (no pun intended) of The Bumpit.

PS: I have since discovered on Brad Warthen's blog that Ms. Palin was also wearing a rather uplifting pair of shoes.


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