Bride....Central Park

It's been a momentous day for my dear friend Elizabeth. At the Columbia Metropolitan Airport this morning, she overcame her lifelong fear of flying and boarded a plane for New York. (I am beside myself with happiness for her accomplishment!)

Upon safe arrival, she headed to Central Park, not to be married, but to discover a bride carrying a smoking bouquet also known as a cigarette. She sent me this photograph. It reminds me of my stint as a wardrobe adviser for that miniseries filmed in Charleston, North and South. (That is where, by the way, I first encountered actress Lesley-Anne Down, who at present plays the exquisite Jacqueline on my guilty post-luncheon pleasure).

On the North and South set, I found it a tad jarring to observe the "southern belle" extras standing about in hoop skirts, smoking cigarettes between scenes. Perhaps, both then and now, I should be exclaiming: "you've come a long way baby!" And yet. And yet....I fear that those are not flame retardant satin gloves.


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