Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pinks & Purples....Ohio

I loved seeing this chap in shades of pink and purple. Even his phone cover was pink. We were both waiting for our flight in Columbus, where it was sunny and 55 degrees this morning. I have no idea from whence he hailed or where he might have been headed....but his colour palette put me in mind of a local Columbus favourite and a favourite of mine, as well--Jeni's Spendid Ice Creams.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Smile & Say Pomodoro

I was searching for a photo from a previous year's Tasty Tomato Festival when I happened across this irresistible shot....taken in a nation we associate closely with the tomato....dear Italy.  Florence. In front of the Pitti Palace, to be precise.  Though the chap's smiley face is not tomato red, perhaps the gold is even more appropriate, since the Italian word for tomato derives from pomo d'oro, which means apple of gold.
Meanwhile, I understand there will be a bicycle valet at The Palmetto Tasty Tomato Festival tomorrow afternoon, and I intend to pedal over and take advantage of it.  The bicycle enthusiast you see above has assured me that she will do the same.  Perhaps you will too?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Polka Dots....The Vista

I popped into Starbucks in The Vista this morning for a meeting--and spied this fabulous looking chap ahead of me in the queue.  I was particularly delighted by his shorts and hair though the gentleman was indeed handsome in every aspect.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tracie....The Oak Table

This stunning woman had on a bold, striking dress.  It put me in mind of a regatta and indeed reminded me a bit of a flag, in the very best way.  I overheard her saying it was a vintage find.

Tracie and her chums were enjoying a bit of a happy hour.  They were a Leisurely Eating group, I believe, or was it Slow Food?  At any rate, while the pokey eaters were lollygagging over their cocktails, I gobbled up a few of their delicious snacks.  Rude, perhaps, but I simply couldn't resist!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sarah....Maple Street

Darling, pretty Sarah was on Maple Street today, despite the looming clouds, to help her adorable children with their lemonade stand. I thought her ensemble was a delight, especially the skirt...which she told me had some sort of affiliation with Cirque du Soleil.  At first, I thought she meant it could twist itself into a pretzel or juggle hedge clippers.....
...but upon closer inspection, I do believe it is part of a Cirque du Soleil line from Desigual, the Barcelona-based clothing company.  Wonderfully festive, don't you think?
The young entrepreneurs were festive, too.  I felt rather bucked up by the entire experience and shook my bumbershoot at old man rain, exclaiming "take that, soggy sir!" (I fear the youngsters thought me drunk on lemons and sugar. And after a fashion, I suppose I was.)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lace & Lace....Main Street

At the Soda City Market this morning, my shopping companion and I were delighted to see a smidgen of blue sky and were equally thrilled by this blue ensemble.  On closer look....
...we noted that both the dress and the espadrilles were lace.  Alas, I believe this empyrean dress has outlasted the cerulean sky. It seems to be raining again.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Local Favourite....The Vista

While enjoying an all-American evening of pizza and explosives, I spied this t-shirt at the bar.