Sarah....Maple Street

Darling, pretty Sarah was on Maple Street today, despite the looming clouds, to help her adorable children with their lemonade stand. I thought her ensemble was a delight, especially the skirt...which she told me had some sort of affiliation with Cirque du Soleil.  At first, I thought she meant it could twist itself into a pretzel or juggle hedge clippers.....
...but upon closer inspection, I do believe it is part of a Cirque du Soleil line from Desigual, the Barcelona-based clothing company.  Wonderfully festive, don't you think?
The young entrepreneurs were festive, too.  I felt rather bucked up by the entire experience and shook my bumbershoot at old man rain, exclaiming "take that, soggy sir!" (I fear the youngsters thought me drunk on lemons and sugar. And after a fashion, I suppose I was.)


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