Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gabrielle....The Vista

After calling out to this woman repeatedly, I was at last able to get her attention--though admittedly, she was reluctant to make my acquaintance.  I persevered, not because I am a glutton for humiliation, but because her dress reminded me of those I'd just seen in the movie Gidget.  Millicent and I had happened to catch that movie on cable last weekend. Though I was a tad put off by the sartorial choices of The Big Kahuna (the chap in the straw hat in this photo),  I found that Sandra Dee's wardrobe was positively inspired.
This dress, Gabrielle told me, is by Tracy Reese. It gets its flounce from a modest crinoline, certainly nothing as elaborate as the crinoline that saved the life of the Bristol barmaid Sarah Ann Henley.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yvonne....All-Local Farmers' Market

It was toasty this morning on the veranda at 701 Whaley, but Yvonne was keeping the sun in check, looking marvelous in this wide-brimmed hat. She's holding a bouquet of flowers and basil from Floral & Hardy.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heather....The Vista

I quite like the way Heather wears pieces with a feminine frill--the flower-ruffled skirt, the sparkly sandals--but gives them an edge. I was also struck by how she manages to look so cool in black.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Felicity....Earth Fare

This woman looked chic head to toe, though the skirt was the real eye-catcher for me. Felicity was not only great-looking but also quite the good sport. She permitted me to interrupt her shopping to get a photo, then graciously waited while I borrowed a camera from another shopper. ( Yes, I reached into my pocket and discovered that I'd left my iPhone at home.) Then, displaying even more patience and charm, she allowed me a closeup of the skirt....
Felicity said she'd found this skirt at Coplon's several years ago. I must say, I'd love to have a pair of trousers from this same fabric.  I must also say thank you to the young chap who took the photos, then emailed them over to me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

John....Millwood Avenue

When a little bird told me that a barbecue truck was roaming the city streets today, I decided to snag a bit of lunch. I also happened to snap this photo. I admired John's shorts because 1) they are plaid and 2) they are an appealing length--not too long, not too short. I told the gentleman I'd like to put his picture on my blog. He laughed and said his ensemble was a combination of yesterday's workout clothes and today's dog-walking clothes, which made me like it all the more.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ms. Stripey....Tomato Fest

Certainly, striped clothing is nothing new, but I have noticed a surge in the number of striped dresses and skirts this summer.  Are the numbers sufficiently significant to rate a trend?  My photographs from the Palmetto Tasty Tomato Festival seem to indicate the potential.

Worth noting, I think, is the great number of horizontally striped dresses. While men have always donned horizontal stripes willy-nilly, women have tended to shy away, cautioned by "experts" that horizontal lines might create some sort of unfavorable optical illusion. In my photos, I see no evidence of that at all. These women look lovely in their stripes, no?

Stripes have been known to communicate status. Prison uniforms in the U.S. were striped in the 19th century. In the Jane Austen era, a gentleman might wear a vertically striped vest while his manservant would be wearing a horizontally striped one, indicating their different stations in life.
Thank heavens we now have stripes going every which way, signifying nothing but a woman's desire to wear a bold dress, be comfortable, and have fun.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kerry Ann....City Roots

With the waning light, you may not be able to experience it fully in this photograph, but Kerry Ann's vibrant yellow hat, yellow sandals and green shorts were absolutely wowing in person. They suit her sunny smile, no? Her ensemble made me think, almost immediately, of Palm Beach. Had I spent too much time in the sun? I googled "Palm Beach decor" and discovered this Jonathan Adler Palm Beach living room. Perhaps I was not that heat-addled after all.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Debi....Tasty Tomato Fest

My friend Millicent and I were thoroughly charmed by this dress and the young woman wearing it.  The dress struck us as the perfect attire for a late afternoon agrarian-themed picnic sort of thing, which was precisely the sort of thing we all happened to be attending. Debi plans events around town and motors about in a fashionable red golf cart; perhaps you have seen her.  She told us she shops for vintage dresses when visiting her family in Syracuse, N.Y.  That, indeed, is where she found this one. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mary Kent....Tomato Festival

I bumped into pretty Mary Kent at something called the Tasty Tomato Festival, an event for which she was perfectly accessorized.  
I also spied a number of necklaces made with real tomatoes. You can see darling Amanda, above, wearing one of them. Eventually, I happened upon the fellow who had made them. I would like to tell you his name, but every time I inquired his response was "Guess."  I did guess, several times, but never managed to come up with an answer to suit him.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gina....The Vista

Indeed, during every summer I've spent in Columbia, I seem to lose my will to venture out of doors. Such has been the case these past two weeks, though thanks to my friend Millicent's suggestion, I am now freezing my bloomers and today, was sufficiently prepared to make a jaunt across town.  While out and about, I was fortunate to encounter petite pretty Gina--who had elevated the standby tank top and jeans through her attention to detail. I loved how she had cuffed her skinny denim trousers just so.....
 ...then set the vibrant plum and blue ensemble off with elaborate earrings....
 ....and interesting sandals.  Why, the chance to happen upon style such as this (plus frozen boxer shorts) is quite enough to get me out of the house, humidity be darned.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Coffee & Friends....Five Points

This was a delightful sight: two friends engrossed in conversation over coffee, sporting two of my favourite summer looks--a simple white t-shirt and jeans and a pretty eyelet dress in a cheery colour. Drip coffeehouse is proving to be a welcome addition to Five Points for many reasons!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Darling Traveler....Columbia Airport

I happened to be standing near this petite beauty in baggage claim and thought she looked absolutely perfect in her hat, cropped jacket and pants. Something about the combination seemed both modern and quaint: she'd look stylish on a city street, yet at the same time, I could imagine her hiking the Alps and singing with that musical family from Austria (the name escapes me, but you know the one....had a flying nun for a nanny, I believe). As always, I say bravo for the well-dressed traveler.