Mary Kent....Tomato Festival

I bumped into pretty Mary Kent at something called the Tasty Tomato Festival, an event for which she was perfectly accessorized.  
I also spied a number of necklaces made with real tomatoes. You can see darling Amanda, above, wearing one of them. Eventually, I happened upon the fellow who had made them. I would like to tell you his name, but every time I inquired his response was "Guess."  I did guess, several times, but never managed to come up with an answer to suit him.


Tracie Broom said…
You know, I just really love Lord Maxwell's voice. Just delightful. Not to mention the terrific photos!
Lord Maxwell said…
Dearest Tracie,
You are too kind. I thoroughly enjoyed the Tomato perhaps I was more than a little inspired by your work.

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