Gabrielle....The Vista

After calling out to this woman repeatedly, I was at last able to get her attention--though admittedly, she was reluctant to make my acquaintance.  I persevered, not because I am a glutton for humiliation, but because her dress reminded me of those I'd just seen in the movie Gidget.  Millicent and I had happened to catch that movie on cable last weekend. Though I was a tad put off by the sartorial choices of The Big Kahuna (the chap in the straw hat in this photo),  I found that Sandra Dee's wardrobe was positively inspired.
This dress, Gabrielle told me, is by Tracy Reese. It gets its flounce from a modest crinoline, certainly nothing as elaborate as the crinoline that saved the life of the Bristol barmaid Sarah Ann Henley.


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