Darling Traveler....Columbia Airport

I happened to be standing near this petite beauty in baggage claim and thought she looked absolutely perfect in her hat, cropped jacket and pants. Something about the combination seemed both modern and quaint: she'd look stylish on a city street, yet at the same time, I could imagine her hiking the Alps and singing with that musical family from Austria (the name escapes me, but you know the one....had a flying nun for a nanny, I believe). As always, I say bravo for the well-dressed traveler.


I like the motion blur of her hand
: ). I'm enjoying your blog!
Lord Maxwell said…
Thank you so much for reading! I rather like the blur of motion too--and a good thing, since my camera seems to capture it frequently, whether I care to or not.
Shani said…
She's so cute!
Lord Maxwell said…
She is adorable, I agree, a model for others traveling!
All the best to you, dear-

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