Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dress & Boots....K.D.'s Treehouse

I was on my way to the new olive oil store on Devine Street when I noticed a pleasant sort of commotion nearby. The children's store--K.D.'s Treehouse--was having a fall festival.  The band Lunch Money was playing merrily, and small humans were jumping inside an inflatable house that reminds one of the padded walls rumored to be in mental institutions.  I saw any number of fashionable people there, including this trim woman--who was managing to straddle the seasons with cowboy boots and a sundress in autumn colours.  Well done, I thought for a late September Saturday with temperatures approaching 90 degrees.
Here's another view from the front.  As for the young fellow in the striped short trousers....I do so wish I were young enough to sport that look.  Perhaps, I am at last old enough to sport it again!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shapely Frock....The Vista

Reader, be warned. If you visit Starbucks in The Vista on a weekday morning, you are in for a mad scene.  You might, however, be lucky--as I was--to see attractive people speaking jibberish, yet somehow winding up with a cup of coffee at the end.  What is a mokka frappa latta grandy soy dopiaspresso? I thought those were the magic words from Pee Wee Herman's playhouse.  Apparently not. I have been unable to open a door using them....yet.

Indeed, I sound like a cranky old man who could use a spot of espresso.  Seeing this woman did brighten the whole experience. I liked the bold print, the shape of the dress--and the way she was wearing her hair.  What fun!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mr. Boone....The Oak Table

"Early in Gatsby we encounter Meyer Wolfshiem, the man with human teeth for cuff links who has, according to sick and fascinated rumor, fixed the 1919 World Series," wrote Christopher Hitchens, once upon a time in Vanity Fair.
Dear reader, tonight at the opening party for The Oak Table on Main Street in Columbia, I met a man who had repurposed his wisdom teeth as cuff links. He was inspired, he told me, by that very character in The Great Gatsby.  I do so wish my old acquaintance Matthew Bruccoli were here to witness the spectacle! Bob was quite the good sport, as you can see, posing gamely with his teeth, which were extracted when he was in his late twenties, made into cuff links about five years ago.

As for The Oak Table, all I can say is it is lovely. You should go.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Exotic Beauty....Main Street

What a thrill to approach a downtown bank and discover this beautiful woman, who was chatting in French on the phone. Little did I know that more wonderful ensembles awaited inside....
 ...for as it turned out, there was an entire group of women visiting from the continent of Africa.  We were all attending a reception to honour women of unusual bravery, some might even say reckless foolhardiness....yes, that is correct....women who are running for office.  Thank goodness some women are willing to don the pantsuit and put up with the nonsense of politics, no? Thank goodness, as well, for the Southeastern Institute for Women in Politics, which cheers them along.
While I admired the women candidates for their pluck, I admired the attire of the visitors even more. The variety, in colour and pattern, fascinated me.
Makes our Western garb seem rather drab.  I do hope these gorgeous women enjoy their visit!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Yellow & Orange....Drip Coffee

I much admired this pretty young woman's yellow pants and orange flats--which were almost sunny enough to hold their own against the intense light streaming through the window at Drip in Five Points this morning.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Much-Admired Dress....711 Whaley

At the All-Local Farmers' Market today, his woman's dress garnered compliments everywhere she went.  I suspect people appreciated a different take on stripes--and liked the way the stripes framed the frock.
The vibrant woman wearing the dress didn't hurt the cause either.  She graciously posed with a friend for a shot, allowing me to show you the nifty detail--a side vent, also outlined by the stripe.  The lovely lady told me, rather reluctantly, that she'd scored the dress at a consignment shop.  That seems rather a find to brag about, if one were to ask me.....not that you did!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hat, skirt....Greek Festival

Not quite sure how she managed it, looking so cool in a long skirt on a blazing hot afternoon--but she did!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mr. & Ms. Green....Greek Festival

Indeed, I have no notion at all that either of these two go by the name "Green" but they made a striking pair.  In fact, I was so struck by their handsome, colour-coordinated appearance that I waited on the corner for some minutes as they approached, in order to snap a pic.  The jovial Mr. Green called out to me as I took the photo, "And there's absolutely no charge for that, sir."  Delightful!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ernest Lee Tees....Cantina 76

I noticed that the staff at this Devine Street restaurant were sporting t-shirts by the Chicken Man. In deference to the chicken, I opted for shrimp tacos.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Elise....Rosewood Market

This pretty young woman was absolutely vibrant in her patterned yellow skirt and brilliant blue sweater.  I was smitten by the whole arrangement.  Fortunately, my darling friend Mary Kent was on hand to introduce us.
M.K., a designer, also insisted I see Elise's royal blue watch. Charming. And upon seeing the hour, I realized an Old Fashioned was in order.  My how time flies when one is having fun.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Strike a Pose....Rio de Janeiro

On my visit to Rio de Janeiro's most famous landmark, I found myself more intrigued by the behavior of tourists than with the giant statue itself.  Above, you see what many were doing to achieve the proper camera angle....
 ...while outstretched arms were the pose of the day. The prone woman's subject was just one of many....
This pair's pose seemed a tad reminiscent of Titanic.  Or perhaps not.
I  could not resist snapping a photo of this tall gentleman....the second tallest chap on the premises.
This fit fellow is a guide with Rio Hiking. He spoke beautiful English and generously provided me with much information.  He happened to be guiding a woman from Columbia!  Oh small world, indeed.  There she is below, with the giant statue behind her.
I believe the two were off to scale a mountain in the vicinity. They invited me to join, but it sounded a bit ambitious. I elected to sip cachaca by the beach instead.
Before departing, though, I was pleased to capture these four friends who were making a photo of something other than the statue.  Both young women had on the most winsome floral frocks.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Tourist Attire....Rio de Janeiro

After a long afternoon of researching modesty and fashion at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, I rallied and made the cable car journey to the top of Sugar Loaf for a view of the city at sunset. I was joined by a crowd of tourists, who had they not been chatting merrily in Portuguese, would have seemed quite at home in South Carolina.  Two charming young ladies, above, taking in one of the vistas. 
And here, a woman taking a photograph of it. Many people wear hats, I have noticed, even as they are baring their bums on the beach.  Something about the noonday sun.  Flip flops are the overwhelming shoe of choice here. This is truly flip flop nation.  But somehow I am less annoyed than usual. Perhaps it is the proximity of the beach that makes it all seem okay.
The young woman on the right, in the red sweater, enchanted me.  She could not have been more adorable looking and her hair was magnificent.  That's her mother on the left, wearing a jacket that resembles the Brazilian flag.  They were an endearing pair, indeed.
And here, two cute friends wearing sensible shoes and taking photos....proving that all the world over, we tourists are more alike than different.  I believe I feel a stanza of "It's a Small World" coming on.
And above, the quest that united us--to see Rio de Janeiro at sunset.  Obrigado....and tchau!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Travel Attire....SC to SA

As you may have noticed, I'm rather fond of documenting what travelers are wearing.  I thought this young woman in the Columbia airport had on a sensible travel ensemble.
Here's another view.  I'd just read an article in which flight attendants shared their thoughts on the best travel shoes.  None of them mentioned TOMS, though it seems that these make quite smart shoes for flying, indeed.
 While the woman in the TOMS waited, the lady above stepped off the plane. I was thrilled to see her jaunty combination and give three cheers to any traveler sporting a hat.
 As I made my connection through Charlotte, I snapped evidence that the city is ready to capitalize on the big event.  I must confess, I thought the dark grey area on the shirt to be a sweat stain....then realized it's the shadow of a donkey.  Hmm.
At last my travels delivered me to my destination in South America--Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I'll be in the country for the week, researching the relationship between modesty and fashion.  Almost immediately upon landing, I was greeted with the newspaper headline "sexto!".  Though I know little Portuguese, I believe I catch the drift.  Meanwhile, the view from my hotel room, above, is so spectacular as to border on the obscene.  (That striking bridge reminds me a bit of Charleston's.)
I'm also rather taken by the packaging of this line of soaps, so thoughtfully provided by my hotel.  The ingredients come from the Amazon rainforest and promise to work miracles on aging skin.  We shall see. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Seersucker....Drip Coffee

I spied this attractive, well put together chap seated a few spots down from me at the counter on Friday. The light flooding into the front of the cafe skews things a bit, so you may not be able to make out the seersucker of his suit.  It was quite charming--and reminded me that this is the weekend that many will bid farewell to their summer garb.  I am curious: will you?