Mr. Boone....The Oak Table

"Early in Gatsby we encounter Meyer Wolfshiem, the man with human teeth for cuff links who has, according to sick and fascinated rumor, fixed the 1919 World Series," wrote Christopher Hitchens, once upon a time in Vanity Fair.
Dear reader, tonight at the opening party for The Oak Table on Main Street in Columbia, I met a man who had repurposed his wisdom teeth as cuff links. He was inspired, he told me, by that very character in The Great Gatsby.  I do so wish my old acquaintance Matthew Bruccoli were here to witness the spectacle! Bob was quite the good sport, as you can see, posing gamely with his teeth, which were extracted when he was in his late twenties, made into cuff links about five years ago.

As for The Oak Table, all I can say is it is lovely. You should go.


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