Exotic Beauty....Main Street

What a thrill to approach a downtown bank and discover this beautiful woman, who was chatting in French on the phone. Little did I know that more wonderful ensembles awaited inside....
 ...for as it turned out, there was an entire group of women visiting from the continent of Africa.  We were all attending a reception to honour women of unusual bravery, some might even say reckless foolhardiness....yes, that is correct....women who are running for office.  Thank goodness some women are willing to don the pantsuit and put up with the nonsense of politics, no? Thank goodness, as well, for the Southeastern Institute for Women in Politics, which cheers them along.
While I admired the women candidates for their pluck, I admired the attire of the visitors even more. The variety, in colour and pattern, fascinated me.
Makes our Western garb seem rather drab.  I do hope these gorgeous women enjoy their visit!


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