Strike a Pose....Rio de Janeiro

On my visit to Rio de Janeiro's most famous landmark, I found myself more intrigued by the behavior of tourists than with the giant statue itself.  Above, you see what many were doing to achieve the proper camera angle....
 ...while outstretched arms were the pose of the day. The prone woman's subject was just one of many....
This pair's pose seemed a tad reminiscent of Titanic.  Or perhaps not.
I  could not resist snapping a photo of this tall gentleman....the second tallest chap on the premises.
This fit fellow is a guide with Rio Hiking. He spoke beautiful English and generously provided me with much information.  He happened to be guiding a woman from Columbia!  Oh small world, indeed.  There she is below, with the giant statue behind her.
I believe the two were off to scale a mountain in the vicinity. They invited me to join, but it sounded a bit ambitious. I elected to sip cachaca by the beach instead.
Before departing, though, I was pleased to capture these four friends who were making a photo of something other than the statue.  Both young women had on the most winsome floral frocks.


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