Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tomato Red....Here and There

I spied this sweet display through a shop window in downtown Greenville this week. It reminded me of another dress I'd seen....
 ...made of recycled Target bags, on display in the international concourse at the Atlanta airport. Below, the matching hat....
Both of these tributes to red and round put me in mind that the Tasty Tomato Festival is coming up soon, on July 15. 
 I do hope I see you there! And I do hope you are wearing something fabulous.

Friday, June 29, 2012

August....701 CCA

With his cap, kilt and distinctive moustache, August was not a chap one would overlook.  He is the most affable fellow.....
...accommodating me by posing so that I could capture a closer shot of those stylish whiskers.  (I possess no expertise regarding facial hair modes. Would one call this an English moustache?) While August was sporting a kilt, another chap was wearing a full-on dress....accessorized with argyle socks, boots, and a pack of Camels.
Perhaps the gentlemen were inspired by this heat wave to keep it breezy.  If you see other men in dresses or skirts these next few days--and you have not yourself expired from the heat--send me a little photo or message. I'd rather like to see more!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thinking of Ms. Ephron....Five Points

When I saw this shirt, I was certain the pretty woman wearing it would tell me she'd brought it home from some exotic locale such as Guadalajara. But no, she'd purchased it from Goodwill.  She insisted that I not show her face and expressed concern about her neck--her tribute, I presumed, to the delightful Nora Ephron.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Shani....Motor Supply

You know a woman possesses true beauty when she can survive the rude glare of my camera's flash with her radiance intact. I'm afraid this photo does not do Shani or her fabulous scarf-like top justice, but I did want a record of her sophisticated summer look--the shoulder-baring silk top paired with linen shorts and a cool stone bracelet. As I've mentioned before, I am always intrigued when a woman wears an item of clothing that looks like a scarf, for it suggests that anything is possible, and on a moment's notice at that!

I went to Motor Supply last night at the invitation of some of Columbia's most powerful people, fully intending to photograph them all!  Alas, the bartender had created a special Old Fashioned for the occasion, and I found myself a bit too distracted to follow through.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Short Trousers....The Cut-Off

When I bumped into Reno and Lucas last week, I was reminded that it is the season for trimming the length of one's trousers, and indeed, nothing offers more sartorial possibility than the prospect of trimming one's own.  Note the flourish at the knee, for example, that Lucas has created--a sort of car wash flap effect that I might try to copy.  I have since encountered a number of men who are prolonging the life of their pants in this fashion.  Bravo to these eco-minded fellows and their cut-offs!

If you happen across other examples, do feel free to share them with me. I'd rather like to beef up my research in this area. I'm also watching eagerly to see if Yimps will lead a resurgence of the shorter short.  Male readers, what do you think about that?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dymamic Duos....Tapp's Arts Center

Thanks to the accommodating Mr. Jeffrey Day, I was able to capture one of my favourite pairings--stripes and paisley.  The natty gentleman and I were both fortunate attendees of the opening of Pretty Girls: A Feminist Art Show, which as you can see, quite rightly included a considerable number of bold, attractive women.
Here is my friend, the always-helpful-to-me photographer Molly Harrell, standing in front of her work, giving her subject a hug.  Emilia, a Polish beauty who I have also photographed, is the winged warrior in the photo as well as the woman in the red dress.  I was quite taken with Molly's striped maxi skirt. I liked the varied directions of the stripes.

And here, on the left, is Merle, looking rather Marilyn Monroe-esque.  Appropriate, as it turns out, not only because Ms. Monroe was a pretty girl but also because June 1 was Marilyn's birthday.