Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anne....Five Points

Once upon a time, Anne told me, she lived in Columbia and toiled at a place called WIS-TV (alongside some knows-it-all character she presumed I might have heard of). She had returned to bring her daughter to orientation at the University of South Carolina. She caught my eye with this sweeping long dress, which she had paired with gladiator sandals. Rather smashing, I thought. I admired the mix of patterns, the black and white colour scheme, and was soon swept up by the woman's vibrant personality and naughty sense of humour, as well. Her amble down memory lane was leading her to Goatfeathers. Reader, I confess, I invited myself along. Rude, perhaps--but indeed I did have fun!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Merritt....Pendleton & Bull

The gauge in my auto showed it to be 104 degrees outside. Yet, this woman looked as refreshing as a sterling silver bowl of rainbow sherbet. How did she manage that? At first, I gave all credit to her fluttering, flowing, whimsically-striped dress.
But look more closely. While my wrinkled brow was damp with perspiration, my few remaining hairs flattened to my scalp by heat and humidity, this woman was a picture of unseasonable perfection head to toe. A great dress can do many things for a woman, dear reader, but it is not a moveable air conditioner. Merritt, I can only surmise, must be innately cool.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 June

Today is the birthday of my darling bud May. We gathered with friends to celebrate over lunch at Solstice restaurant on Clemson Road (just two days after the summer solstice-almost clever of us, no?). May was quite stylish, as always, in a bright print dress with a dropped waist. Had it not been so toasty out of doors, I could imagine one wearing this with white go-go boots. But that's just my retrophilia flaring up. May was wearing a pair of tasteful flat sandals, you'll be relieved to know.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunshine....Columbia College

This stunning woman and I participated in a forum on women's images and beauty at Columbia College this evening. From shoes, to skirt, to smile--everything about her says confidence, no? I understand that Sunshine (a.k.a. Lanita) gives frank talks to young people about the birds and the bees. (No, not approaching the young people randomly but through an organized program.) In fact, I believe she would prefer I be frank and say "sex talks". Alas, when I was coming of age, there was no frank talk. And certainly no accredited sex education. Ah, that my mum had sent me to such a prep school: 'twould have livened up our days at Dulwich College, indeed.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tony & Thomas....Cypress Street

These playful young men told me they'd donned their flag shorts to watch the World Cup. While I was taking a photo, Tony pointed his football at me and asked, "We won't embarrass South Carolina, will we?" Indeed not, I said. I found the two gentlemen (and their shorts) utterly charming. But given the news of late, don't you admire him for the thought?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Laura....In Technicolour

I was chasing my friend Millicent's beagle along Maple Street when I encountered this fascinating woman, who had an automobile packed to the roof with colourful clothing. "Pardon me," I said, stopping to press my nose to the car window, "but are you some sort of mobile boutique?"

Laura laughed, then told me no, she provides wardrobe and makeup for film and video productions. We chatted a bit more, and I learned that she'd worked on the first season of a television program called "Army Wives." She assured me that the Army wives are not nearly as frightening as those New Jersey wives I keep hearing about (even though one might assume that Army wives have access to advanced weapon systems, no?).

Shopping to dress a variety of characters is part of Laura's job. She found her own colourful skirt with the handkerchief hem on King Street in Charleston.

Monday, June 7, 2010


I noticed Mallane, not because she is incredibly tall and lovely (which she is), but because she had a rather impressive camera hanging from her shoulder. I soon forgot about the camera, however, when she told me her jacket is from Zara. If you have spent time in Spain, you may have visited one of these stores. They are the product of Amancio Ortega. (Though Ortega is the richest man in Spain, I don't believe I have ever seen him in a tie.) Ortega's genius is delivering-- at lightning speed--fresh, fashionable clothing at a very fair price.

Mallane said she wears blazers nearly every day but, she told me, "I don't usually wear heels because I'm so tall." The shoes were new, from Urban Outfitters. Her shorts were jeans she'd trimmed. And the major influence on her style? "I usually wear what's comfortable. I don't think about it too much."

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Big Irvin....Laurens

Earlier in the week, I'd read a proclamation on The Daily Beast that clogs--one of my favorite shoe styles--are summer's worst trend. The grumpy writer went on to combine clogs, platform sandals, and gladiator sandals into one large category on which to heap her disdain. Poor dear. She must lead an unhappy life. Perhaps the sight of Big Irvin might cheer her. He is wearing gladiator sandals to complement an outfit which includes a helpful sign covering his private regions--but do look closer....

....and you will see that he has outlined his gladiator lace-ups with neon lights!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Jaz....Anastasia & Friends

I encountered this charismatic young woman at Anastasia Chernoff's art gallery on Main Street, just across from the museum. I was fascinated by Jaz's sense of scale, the counterpoint of small and large. I asked her about the oversized, draping top. "It's my favourite shirt," she told me, "from Charlotte Russe." Then she further delighted me with this tidbit about her vivid yellow scarf: "I call this my magic scarf. I wear it all the time. It makes me feel so pretty."

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stephen....Main Street

This is the second time this week, dear reader, that I have seen this attractive young man clad in madras, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce myself and inquire: "sir, have you a predilection for plaid?"

"I love madras," he told me with a laugh, then continued, "I must have 40 pairs of madras shorts." (My fashion anthropology colleagues and I classify the amassing of any clothing item in excess of 23 as a predilection. I had my answer.) These trousers he found at J Crew a couple of years ago; the shirt with an interesting stitched detail comes from Banana Republic.