Laura....In Technicolour

I was chasing my friend Millicent's beagle along Maple Street when I encountered this fascinating woman, who had an automobile packed to the roof with colourful clothing. "Pardon me," I said, stopping to press my nose to the car window, "but are you some sort of mobile boutique?"

Laura laughed, then told me no, she provides wardrobe and makeup for film and video productions. We chatted a bit more, and I learned that she'd worked on the first season of a television program called "Army Wives." She assured me that the Army wives are not nearly as frightening as those New Jersey wives I keep hearing about (even though one might assume that Army wives have access to advanced weapon systems, no?).

Shopping to dress a variety of characters is part of Laura's job. She found her own colourful skirt with the handkerchief hem on King Street in Charleston.


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