I noticed Mallane, not because she is incredibly tall and lovely (which she is), but because she had a rather impressive camera hanging from her shoulder. I soon forgot about the camera, however, when she told me her jacket is from Zara. If you have spent time in Spain, you may have visited one of these stores. They are the product of Amancio Ortega. (Though Ortega is the richest man in Spain, I don't believe I have ever seen him in a tie.) Ortega's genius is delivering-- at lightning speed--fresh, fashionable clothing at a very fair price.

Mallane said she wears blazers nearly every day but, she told me, "I don't usually wear heels because I'm so tall." The shoes were new, from Urban Outfitters. Her shorts were jeans she'd trimmed. And the major influence on her style? "I usually wear what's comfortable. I don't think about it too much."


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