Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chilly Easter....South Carolina

Alas, this Easter day feels too wintery to inspire traditional spring attire--so I'm offering a photo I took last weekend at the Soda City market, when the weather was a bit warmer. The tall young lady in the center was wearing a delightful headband of daisies, but the entire group looks perfectly springy and carefree--a feeling the weather will no doubt inspire again soon. (or at least one hopes.)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Utility Clothing....Heathwood Circle

Bless the young folk who invite an old fellow to join them for a festive pizza party on a rainy night.  I arrived in Mac and wellies to find others wearing an array of practical clothing.  The chap above must've thought he'd have to paint for his pizza.
These "painters pants" complete with logo attracted more than a few looks from other guests.
I was rather taken with these weather-defying boots--worn quite well by a six-foot blond-haired beauty. While she graciously modeled them for me, I asked where she'd found them.
"In my daughter's closet," she confessed. "She left them behind when she went off to college."

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Reid....A Flair for Living

Reid Buckley
It saddens me to write that earlier this week, I lost a good friend, the inimitable Reid Buckley. Indeed, it is a loss felt not just by me, for he was a dear friend to many, known for his generosity and joie de vivre.
Reid Buckley
His attire, in my view, went a long way toward expressing that zest for life.  For example, the man wore cropped pants (plus-twos, knickers, breeks) with a sort of wild abandon. He once tried to convince me that this was a practical choice, so that taxis would not splash mud up on his trousers and ruin his day. But I suspected he was wearing them simply because they were a tad odd and quite a bit more fun.
Reid Buckley
As I've read the tributes to him from others, I've been gratified to see that my friend's sartorial flair has been noted. One fellow over at National Review wrote

Reid was fun, and as charming a man as you could meet, brandishing joy, a thousand-watt smile, and . . . exotic duds — you learned not to be surprised when he would appear at NR’s offices in a cape, lederhosen, walking stick, and an alpine hat adorned by a big feather. As nephew Christopher Buckley put it, “Reid is . . . Reid.” 

Indeed, it is all true. 
Reid Buckley
Over the years, I photographed Reid's outfits so frequently that I created a category on my blog just for him. I will miss the man and his style, both of which so often caused a smile to stretch across my face. 

PS: Kathleen Parker captures Reid perfectly here.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Models....Runaway Runway

Looking forward to seeing these two models walk the Runaway Runway tonight at The Township. They'll be wearing nature-inspired designs by a precocious designer--and you can read more about that here.  Do hope I'll see you!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Chanin & Reid....Fashionable Florence

 When I say Florentine fashion, perhaps you think Gucci or Ferragamo. But a trip to Florence, Alabama, these days is also quite fashionable thanks to designers Natalie Chanin (above) and Billy Reid.
I was in this friendly Southern city this week, where I visited The Factory at Alabama Chanin (and had a magnificent lunch, I might add).
Then, I caught a ride to Court Street in downtown Florence.... drop into the Billy Reid shop there.  It's wonderful to see how these two designers employ local people, have even planted and spun local cotton into socks, all served up in beautiful spaces. 
Indeed, what a treat--topped off with a delightful surprise....
....for who should I bump into at Billy Reid? None other than my darling bud May!  She was in the area to visit friends who used to live in Florence, South Carolina.  Perhaps it is a small world, after all.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Billy Reid-inspired....Actual Runway

Runaway Runway, the recycled fashion show, is on for this Saturday. Meanwhile, I found myself today on an actual runway awaiting a flight to an unlikely fashion mecca--Florence, Alabama.  I'll be immersing myself in the Southern locale that has given us both Mr. Billy Reid and Ms. Natalie Chanin.  Also waiting for the plane to the Muscle Shoals airport was this handsomely dressed young fellow, whose chief accessory was a hard hat. Turns out he's an architect, on his way to inspect a project.