Short Trousers....The Cut-Off

When I bumped into Reno and Lucas last week, I was reminded that it is the season for trimming the length of one's trousers, and indeed, nothing offers more sartorial possibility than the prospect of trimming one's own.  Note the flourish at the knee, for example, that Lucas has created--a sort of car wash flap effect that I might try to copy.  I have since encountered a number of men who are prolonging the life of their pants in this fashion.  Bravo to these eco-minded fellows and their cut-offs!

If you happen across other examples, do feel free to share them with me. I'd rather like to beef up my research in this area. I'm also watching eagerly to see if Yimps will lead a resurgence of the shorter short.  Male readers, what do you think about that?


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