Dymamic Duos....Tapp's Arts Center

Thanks to the accommodating Mr. Jeffrey Day, I was able to capture one of my favourite pairings--stripes and paisley.  The natty gentleman and I were both fortunate attendees of the opening of Pretty Girls: A Feminist Art Show, which as you can see, quite rightly included a considerable number of bold, attractive women.
Here is my friend, the always-helpful-to-me photographer Molly Harrell, standing in front of her work, giving her subject a hug.  Emilia, a Polish beauty who I have also photographed, is the winged warrior in the photo as well as the woman in the red dress.  I was quite taken with Molly's striped maxi skirt. I liked the varied directions of the stripes.

And here, on the left, is Merle, looking rather Marilyn Monroe-esque.  Appropriate, as it turns out, not only because Ms. Monroe was a pretty girl but also because June 1 was Marilyn's birthday.


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