Travel Attire....SC to SA

As you may have noticed, I'm rather fond of documenting what travelers are wearing.  I thought this young woman in the Columbia airport had on a sensible travel ensemble.
Here's another view.  I'd just read an article in which flight attendants shared their thoughts on the best travel shoes.  None of them mentioned TOMS, though it seems that these make quite smart shoes for flying, indeed.
 While the woman in the TOMS waited, the lady above stepped off the plane. I was thrilled to see her jaunty combination and give three cheers to any traveler sporting a hat.
 As I made my connection through Charlotte, I snapped evidence that the city is ready to capitalize on the big event.  I must confess, I thought the dark grey area on the shirt to be a sweat stain....then realized it's the shadow of a donkey.  Hmm.
At last my travels delivered me to my destination in South America--Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I'll be in the country for the week, researching the relationship between modesty and fashion.  Almost immediately upon landing, I was greeted with the newspaper headline "sexto!".  Though I know little Portuguese, I believe I catch the drift.  Meanwhile, the view from my hotel room, above, is so spectacular as to border on the obscene.  (That striking bridge reminds me a bit of Charleston's.)
I'm also rather taken by the packaging of this line of soaps, so thoughtfully provided by my hotel.  The ingredients come from the Amazon rainforest and promise to work miracles on aging skin.  We shall see. 


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