Tourist Attire....Rio de Janeiro

After a long afternoon of researching modesty and fashion at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, I rallied and made the cable car journey to the top of Sugar Loaf for a view of the city at sunset. I was joined by a crowd of tourists, who had they not been chatting merrily in Portuguese, would have seemed quite at home in South Carolina.  Two charming young ladies, above, taking in one of the vistas. 
And here, a woman taking a photograph of it. Many people wear hats, I have noticed, even as they are baring their bums on the beach.  Something about the noonday sun.  Flip flops are the overwhelming shoe of choice here. This is truly flip flop nation.  But somehow I am less annoyed than usual. Perhaps it is the proximity of the beach that makes it all seem okay.
The young woman on the right, in the red sweater, enchanted me.  She could not have been more adorable looking and her hair was magnificent.  That's her mother on the left, wearing a jacket that resembles the Brazilian flag.  They were an endearing pair, indeed.
And here, two cute friends wearing sensible shoes and taking photos....proving that all the world over, we tourists are more alike than different.  I believe I feel a stanza of "It's a Small World" coming on.
And above, the quest that united us--to see Rio de Janeiro at sunset.  Obrigado....and tchau!


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