Dress & Boots....K.D.'s Treehouse

I was on my way to the new olive oil store on Devine Street when I noticed a pleasant sort of commotion nearby. The children's store--K.D.'s Treehouse--was having a fall festival.  The band Lunch Money was playing merrily, and small humans were jumping inside an inflatable house that reminds one of the padded walls rumored to be in mental institutions.  I saw any number of fashionable people there, including this trim woman--who was managing to straddle the seasons with cowboy boots and a sundress in autumn colours.  Well done, I thought for a late September Saturday with temperatures approaching 90 degrees.
Here's another view from the front.  As for the young fellow in the striped short trousers....I do so wish I were young enough to sport that look.  Perhaps, I am at last old enough to sport it again!


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